Zumba – Jai Ho

April 9, 2013 § Leave a comment

I loooveeee Bollywood… and this was our favorite song and choreography from last season.

Remember the movie?

Yes, the soundtrack is even better 🙂




Zumba Limbo

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When you combine a hit pop artist, latin rhythms and fast pace… you get a really cool song like Limbo.

And you know immediately that this will be your next Zumba routine.

I always enjoy doing it.

Have fun with it! 🙂

Wanna see you dance, Zumba warm-up

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I decided to share some of my Zumba choreography with the world. Sometimes I get inspired by some other Zumberos and sometimes it’s just my own interpretation and feel.

This is a simple warm-up routine on Kat Deluna song: Wanna See You Dance (La La La.)

It’s a good start after this holiday allyoucaneat weekend. 😉



Voyage of a zumba instructor

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I’ve been teaching Zumba for 6 months now, so I believe I am entitled to form an opinion on it. 🙂 Guilty as charged, I was totally sceptical about this well-sold concept of dance workout. “What’s the big fuss?” I thought outloud. Well the big fuss is, this concept does miracles! It makes people happy, positive, fit and addicted. 🙂

The first steps were a bit rocky for me, though not as rocky as they could have been if I had absolutely no experience in dance or workouts. But I’ve been out of teaching for a while so it took me a couple of weeks to get more relaxed and back in shape of course. Now, after a few months, I live for this. I have regular groups of girls, who are getting addicted with Zumba and want more when we collapse on the floor after our 60-minute workout. I see happy faces who are becoming my friends.

Now for all those, who still don’t know how this works, here’s a time-line of a Zumba instructor’s voyage:
1. You attend a class, feel good about it, don’t understand what’s the big deal and continue to do what you did before.
2. An instructors training comes in your town. You either know, the fitness center you work in needs zumba instructors, or they even don’t know they need them yet.
3. You attend an instructor’s training.
4. You teach your very first class (make it in a small friendly group first time, please, otherwise you’ll get eaten alive).
5. The first 6 weeks are ok, nothing special. Though you discover some new muscles that ache, which you were not even aware of before.
6. Then you receive your first praise. It feels good.
7. You start noticing people are coming back regularly.
8. This same people start wearing more colorfull and lighter clothes, no more black for them.
9. After 2 months they tell you, they lost weight since they started Zumba.
10. They become worried of what will we do in the summer, when gyms usually close down.
11. You teach at a Zumba marathon event. Wow, bigger crowd, love it.
12. Your wardrobe is already half Zumba branded. And you always wake up early in the morning, when the new apparel arrives.
13. Your class schedule is slowly filling and you are teaching more classes per day.
14. You start thinking on how to spare with energy in order to get through all those classes.
15. If you haven’t by now, this is appropriate time to attend another Zumba instructors training (either Basic 2, Toning or ZumbAtomic).

I will continue this after I reach point 16. 🙂

In short, I admit it. I love Zumba. There’s nothing like Zumba. I am Zaddicted! 🙂 🙂

I have a Z profile

and… ta ra ra ra ra… my very own webpage: www.plesem-zase.si

🙂 🙂 🙂


Interview with Klara Lainšček

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A very interesting interview with succesull Slovenian teenager, Klara Lainšček. She already achieved so much, she’s going for the sky I guess. 🙂


Form as an added value

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I was writing a poem today. And I caught myself thinking about the words from end to beginning – thinking about the rhymed words first. I was making a poem by form. Because the form dictated the words that can be used. I immediately connected this to dancing. We have forms in dancing which we follow – we learn the steps, the counting, the posture, arm movements etc. But this is all just a rigid form, isn’t it?
When does the dancing become really good, you may call it professional (regardless of any monetary features)? When the dancer puts his own flavour to it. When he pust emotions, feelings, thoughts, problems and positive experiences in it.
It is easy to write a poem with no form, just words, that come right from the heart. It is a bit more difficult to write a poem within a chosen form. But it is true artistry to write a poem from the heart within the properly chosen form.
For being professional and accepted as an artist you need to achieve that level, no doubt about it. But to feel the therapeutical effects of art, it is enough to express your soul, wheather it is with dancing or poetry. Playing an instrument without a form can get a little bit annoying to the ear. So just wear some headphones and let it out.
This concepts beautifully falls in the concept of “I dance for me!”. So go, become an artis and feel better. 🙂 🙂

Transitions, decisions, solutions

February 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

I was thinking about this for a long time. My path took a curve, it went into a slightly different direction. But in the end I figured it is still going in the same direction. In the direction of DANCE. I love to dance. I’ve never been perfect at it, not even very good, but I have always enyojed it. And I always knew it makes me feel good, happier if I’m sad, alive when I’m down, relaxed when under stress… It is therapeutic.  Which is why I dedicated some time to study dance therapy. I am loving it, feeling it, experiencing it and slowly even practicing it.
Although mostly you will probably hear a lot about Zumba here. It is currently such a huge hit, that everybody is doing it. Even me. 🙂 And I am loving it very much. It again makes me feel better, happier, relaxed, alive etc. 🙂
Zumba with Irena and dance therapy study and practice have recently been joined under the name “I dance for me!” I think you already understand why 🙂 It doesn’t matter how we look, it matter how we feel.
Welcome to the right path of dancing. I ill be most happy to dance along with you.