Why attend a salsa festival?

December 13, 2007 § Leave a comment

I’m sure every salsa dancer has come upon that question at least once. And after attending one festival, it was much easier to decide and visit another one. 🙂 I imagine everybody, who doesn’t dance salsa, is asking even bigger WHY, as in why risk your free days for that, when you could be traveling, skiing, sunbathing, maybe sleeping or do some useful stuff around your house (this one is really questionable though …). People often wonder if everything is OK with me, because I go to the seaside and spend most of the time in classrooms and party venues. 🙂

Well, let’s see what a typical salsa festival has to offer besides the obvious (learning new dance moves and partying):
– traveling
– meeting new people with same interests
– energy refill (at least for me it does, though some people might take vacation after this vacation 🙂 )
– adrenalin rush
– lots of memorable moments
– lots of individual experiences
– lately even theme events (ski salsa festival, seaside salsa festival etc.)


My first festival (congress to be precise) was 1st Croatian salsa congress, which was categorized as best salsa experience to that point. I was all over the place – loved the classes, loved the instructors, loved the parties, shows and the seaside area (that means swimming in those short breaks). After that I attended festivals in Prague, Sofia, Brussels … and of course Slovene festivals (yes, although we are small, we have more festivals!!). Each festival was a different experience. Like relationships. That’s a good analogy… I guess man are always a good analogy. 🙂 The festivals differ in size, quality, performance, instructors, types of classes, party venues, people who attend it, … and nonetheless, costs they bring. Slovenia, in that manner, has quite affordable festivals and all other necessities (accommodation, transport, beer 😉 ) and is therefore salseros friendly 🙂 In the near future (March 2008) we plan to visit Bulgarian salsa festival. First time we went to Sofia was really fun. 6 people drove there with a van and, like true salseros, we danced rueda de casino on each petrol station. We always had a grateful audience. 🙂 This is a different event, organized by Alex and Flo. We won’t take the van this time, instead we’ll arrange a bus transfer from Ljubljana to Vienna airport, where a low-cost airline company will fly us to Sofia. It should be another affordable trip. If anyone wants to join, just contact us. 🙂



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