Laguna revived&rewined

December 16, 2007 § Leave a comment

Well,…. we were all a bit disappointed. We knew we shouldn’t expect the old Laguna, but silently, we were all hoping for it. It wouldn’t be so far away if only the floor were all right. But it was kinda embarrassing to tell your dance partner each time: “no triple spins, please”. And they all went: “Yes, yes, I know. I’ll try double spin, since it’s a slow song.” I can only congratulate all the performers for getting through the show, I imagine it must have been a bit hard. I remembered thinking “Respect!”, when Duende coupled finished off their performance with those multiple spins. I really really enjoyed the oriental dancer… I know I’m not a guy, but I enjoy sexy female movimiento when I see one. 🙂 And Taisha (hope I got the name right) was definitely good! Krista had a few fun animations, but we were soooo disappointed the reggaeton battle was canceled. Hope people will be more courageous next time. 🙂 I think Salsoteca announced this might again become a regular salsa venue in 2008. Despite all, this sure is a nice change from those other regular salsa spots.


Crazy and cool reggaeton performances.



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