New Year in Vienna

January 4, 2008 § Leave a comment

Last days of last year and the first days of new year, I spent in Vienna. Dimitrij and I went there to visit Ana & David, our slovene-austrian friends, who made us feel really welcome – oh yes, there was more of us, who visited them! Ana and David actually had to move out from their own appartment!! 😉 I must say I really enjoyed the city, but by far most I enjoyed the company. We had a lot of fun and didn’t get that much sleep I guess. 🙂 We were dancing a lot as well…. not so much salsa though. We danced through the whole New Year’s eve – and the best part of all was the Viennese waltz at midnight on the turn to January 1st 2008. That’s something special, cause we were in a R’n’B club and still they played “An der shonen blauer Donau” 🙂  However, I think one time is just about enough to experience that.

Sylvester’s friends

I’ve learned a few precious things on this trip:
1. How to play and loose Buzz – a really cool game!
2. Olives make you look younger … even if you’re not old!! 😉
3. The word which is in English spelled like “foot” means in German a completely other body part, and could be used as a swear word.
4. It’s possible to turn car back on at 100 km/h in forth gear (although it’s really scary!!)
5. Austrians are obssesed with football EURO 2008.

EURO 2008 countdown

6. I’m still in a good drinking shape. 🙂
7. Sausages can get up to 40 cm long!! And they’re called Bosna (“risen Bosna”) 🙂

Riesen Bosna.

8. I want to go back for some dance classes.
9. Each city has it’s own konoba, where is possible to drink Rakija, Laško and listen to the sharpest Balkan tunes possible.

Plava Laguna bar.

10. Ana is the best tour guy one could wish for – her handmade maps are just priceless. 🙂
11. Although I learned German, I freeze when I have to say something.

The last night in Vienna we finally managed to get to a salsa club. But it was the 1st of January, so not many people were out there dancing and partying. We visited a club called Floridita. A cosy club with gooood airconditioning system (I guess it can go hot in there), no entrance fee, just something for the wardrobe and a really expensive drinks!! Unfortunatelly I can’t judge on the dancing, cause there weren’t many couples. But from those who were on the floor, I noticed they all danced Cuban style. Floridita is one of those bars, that has salsa parties every night – Yes, something all Sovenian salseros wish for 🙂  😉

Floridita salsa club


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