Joining judo and dance!

January 9, 2008 § 5 Comments

Since our dance training facilities (Bu-Ba) are located in the same building (big balloon to be precise) as Judo klub Bežigrad, we know each other pretty well. So, at the special ceremony, where they declared the best male and female Slovene judoist of the year 2007, we were delighted to spice up their event.  🙂  And I must say reporter’s cameras caught some hot moments!! More about the event is available on the Siol news (only in Slovene language though). 

Luka and Irena


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§ 5 Responses to Joining judo and dance!

  • Miss M says:

    ah…yes! That explains it! I saw the article (and photos) on Siol web site. I was a bit surprised … as I recall the judo uniforms were white or blue? And than I thought – maybe the fight went a bit too far and she lost the top part … ‘and they wear THAT under their uniforms?!’
    And don’t have more like ‘touch-me-and-you’re-dead’ expression on their face? This was certainly more ‘ou-you’re-so hot!!!’ expression. I was beginig to wonder if that was some new martial arts technique … ‘couse I would mind to take a class or two ;c).

    Beautiful photo you two!

  • dulcelocura06 says:

    And the photographer probably thought the same, ha? 😉 Imagine the damage you can do to your opponent with those high heels!!

  • Miss M says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha… yeah… high heels would certainly do some damage. And don’t forget the element of surprise! Fighting your opponent in little red dress? Hm… but it’s usualy girl fighting girl… damn – BUT what would the (male) judge do?

  • dulcelocura06 says:

    Hey, you never know what’s under their uniform? 😉

  • Miss M says:

    Maybe HE knows….

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