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Did you ever wonder how guys experience salsa? How they start dancing it? Why they do it? Are they scared with their first steps? Do they ever get jealous? I chatted with 5 guys on how they see and experience salsa. It’s a fun reading, believe me!  🙂 
(p.s.: Girls, I can get their phone numbers, if you are interested!!  😉 )

And who are our new born salsa celebrities:
Christiaan Poublon(CP), Belgium: “Salsa is like a huge multicultural happening, where all people are equal”
Danijel Tkalec(DT), Slovenia: “Coming from more manly sports, I still have troubles identifying myself as a dancer”
Jure Žilavec(JŽ), Slovenia: “If you are as hot as I am, women come up to you”
Gregor Srčnik (GS), Slovenia: “The first dance was a shock for me, because I didn’t know how she will react to my knowledge”
Robert Szemezi (RS), Croatia: “I love this big space for creativity, improvisation and interpretation of music” 


5 minutes of fame

 How long do you dance salsa?
CP: I started in 1999 so … now is my 8th year.
DT: If I remember correctly it will be 3 years in a month.
JŽ: Well… that’s not such an easy question … First I tried salsa on just a few classes in year 2002 or 2003 … then I didn’t dance for a year … again went for a few classes… then stopped dancing again… then I went on a party now and than …  and then came Bu-Ba … so I don’t know what number to say really 🙂

RS: 7 years.

Why did u decide to start dancing it?
CP:  It started as a joke, because we were going out with 11 singles (5 boys + 6 girls)
DT: Salsa classes were a certain New Year’s wow to myself (for several years). Me and my girlfriend went to first class and the world was never the same again. 🙂

JŽ: Why? It just happened I guess … I visited a friend in Switzerland, who took me to a salsa party. And then, back home, I was in a club with a friend and heard salsa music … I explained and showed her, what I’ve learned up there. We both liked it and so we went to a class.
GS: It was my girlfriend, who talked me into it.
RS: I’m into social dancing for a long time, so it was very interesting to learn something completely new.

Did you try out any other dances as well?
CP: During Salsa? I was also very interested in TANGO, so I went to one of the places where they teach Argentine Tango … but all my excitement was gone! I didn’t have the idea that those people knew what Tango was all about??? No … “charisma” … so maybe I will go to some other places, but NO Tango for me in Maastricht!!!
DT: After one year of salsa classes it seemed logical to get a general dance education, so we started going to social dance classes in Kazina at the same time. I liked cha-cha and jive there, but hated waltz. We did good there, but after the end of classes we also stopped dancing. That’s like attending Japanese language course and then never use the language in practice. I’m getting into second round now.. hehe
JŽ: Well yes,… I’ve tried almost everything… and of course loved it all. But somehow I had no luck with dance partners (they weren’t exactly persistent and wanted to learn more) … and it would be slightly boring to attend beginners class over and over again … but it’s ok, because I found salsa 😉
GS: During summer intensive classes I took class of Balboa – one sort of Swing dance. I like to try other rhythms, that are played on salsa parties as well, for example Merengue, Bachata, Cha-cha. I am also familiar with basics of Waltz (slow and fast).
RS: For 21 years I dance social dances (English waltz, foxtrot, boogie, swing, r’n’r, latin dances, and some jazz, hiphop, step… I love them all… some better, some less.
What do you like most about salsa?
CP: Everything!!! I like the rhythm, the people, because even if you can’t dance that well, you are welcome!!! For me is it like a huge Multicultural Happening, where all people are equal!!!
DT: The music is tricky – it gets under your skin without realizing it. Salsa as a dance for me was the ticket into a completely new world. I come from the world of more manly sports so I still have a hard time identifying myself as a dancer (although I do it 4-5 times a week). It’s a great way of meeting new people, being active and you can do it on your own. There’s no alcohol, no violence, now even the smoke is gone. I love the people there – usually well educated and competent people. I like to learn new things and with salsa, there’s always something new to learn. So salsa is a great combination of learning and having fun – similar “sect” as my other hobby, surfing.  
JŽ: What do I know… usually is the atmosphere and the joy I feel while dancing … I like the music, if there’s a good DJ… it’s socializing … and sometimes it’s nice just to watch … if you know what I mean..  😉
RS: A big space for creativity, improvisation, interpretation of music …
How many ladies have you met during salsa by now (approx. number)?
CP: What is this for a question??? I can only tell “A LOT”!!! You want name and phone numbers???
DT: Three years of students! But with how many ladies I would stop and chat on the street?… Somewhere between 30 and 50.
JŽ: Uf… a looot… they just come on their own you know … especially if one is as hot as I am.. uf…  😉  hahaha…
GS: The number is higher than 40. How higher even I don’t know 🙂
RS: I’m not exaggerating when I say a couple of hundreds … But it’s really hard to judge.
If your girlfriend was a salsa dancer as well, would you be jealous, if she was dancing with others? (be sincere)
CP: No … why shout I be jealous??? Should I be??? It’s all about the dance, your inspiration comes with the music … so when someone is dancing beautiful … let them!!! 😉
DT: we didn’t have that problems, because we were a couple for several years, but I guess I wouldn’t like my fresh love to spin around with everybody. My friend had a girlfriend who danced salsa … no wonder he didn’t like the dance 🙂
I think, however, the tolerance level changes with time.
JŽ: Nooooo… not too much … well if she was squeezing tight with that dancer and he would make some suspicious moves, than yes … But in normal situations I wouldn’t be. That wouldn’t be healthy for a relationship!
GS: No, I wouldn’t be jealous. It’s just dancing, having fun. Everybody does that.
RS: I had a girlfriend, who danced, and there was never any jealousy – not from me, not from her. If there’s trust in a relationship, no dance can ever ruin it. It’s just people with low self-esteem, who get jealous …

How long did it take you to invite the first girl on the dance floor? How was it?
CP: Hahahahaaaa… it took years!!! Really I’m serious … I had the privilege that women come to me for a dance so … and if … I only ask woman I know or are really simpatico to me …
DT: I danced at home first and started dancing in practice relatively late, that’s why I didn’t have any major problems dancing with other dancers. Now I’m not scared of anybody
JMaybe mad if I don’t dance with someone good … I learned that when Andrea Steward left before I managed to do sth.
JŽ: Looooooong time.. and it started only with the girl I knew for a long time and we took classes together. Cause I would never go out, invite somebody to dance and than do basic and cross body all the time… But if I look at that now, maybe it wouldn’t be bad to start social dancing sooner, cause on the parties you learn most.
GS: I don’t know, but let’s say it was 3, 4 parties and it was a shock for me, because i didn’t know how she will react on my knowledge. That I think is one of the main reasons that some guys don’t invite ‘foreign’ girls to dance with them.
RS: It was sooooo long ago, I don’t remember … I only remember I wasn’t scared and did it without fear.

Do you attend festivals and parties abroad? Why?
CP: YES … because my experience of these Congresses is, that they are very innovated & speaking a foreign language is something that gives THAT special sphere …
DT: No. I probably would if it didn’t interfere with my job for example. But… I feel guilty for spending so much time and money for surfing I can’t imagine doing the same for salsa now… I spent New Year in Zagreb and it was nothing special really and in Slovenia I usually overdid it and felt exhausted in the end.
JŽ: I’ve been to some. In the time of festivals there are usually awesome parties and that’s what really interests me… And maybe sometimes it is worth taking some class of a good instructor. But all-day workshops are too much for me. You gotta go easy… hehe
GS: I participated at some festivals abroad. It is mainly to have fun, to meet other people, to see how others dance and of course, to have fun.
RS: I do attend them, but they usually require a lot of money so I have to draw a line and not overdo it…


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