Are you addicted to salsa … too?

January 31, 2008 § 1 Comment

Declared salsaholics in Palmariva.

“Hello, my name is Irena and I am a salsaholic. My first salsa I had three years ago in a club called Basic.. or maybe it was Stari Glej. There I saw this people moving, spinning, sweating and smiling all the time. I was literary just starring. So I knew I had to try this. I couldn’t resist. And you always find a person who is willing to teach you the first steps and turns. I got hooked. Don’t you dare tell me to stop!”

Did I describe someone else’s story as well? Of course I did. The way I see it, salsa is an addiction – relatively healthy, but still addiction. And there are a few levels of this disease:

Level 1: You are astonished to see so many happy people, sweating but don’t care about it, hitting each other without any yelling and everybody dancing with everybody else. You are new at this and just enjoy watching it.

Level 2: Level 1 can’t last long so you have to try it yourself. Some brave people go on the dance floor and learn there, some take classes, but everybody is just yearning for more and more.

Level 3: This one is mostly for guys. When they feel confident enough and know enough tricks, they attend their first party and invite first girls to the dance floor.

Level 4: You attend almost every party possible. You spend afternoons at classes, evenings and nights at parties, but in the morning you wake up fresh and full of energy. You even work better (although you spend a lot of work time surfing the net, searching for party photos, checking which party to attend next or chatting with salsaholic friends – your work however still gets done!)

Level 5: Discovering salsa festivals. This becomes a whole new dimension of your salsa life. You spend a couple of hundreds of € to get to a salsa festival abroad (or nowadays you find some good local as well). You attend 5 to 6 classes per day and dance at least three nights in a row. You are exhausted at the end, but hey,… still smiling! 🙂 Somehow you again find the energy to go to the first party back home (though you find it different now).

Level 6: After a while (it can be either a few months or a few years) you slightly cool down. Some decide to teach salsa, and some just decide to cut down and return to old friends. But they never really stop. They all come back. Salsa is just one of those friends, you simply can’t turn back to, because you know it will always make you smile. 🙂

Symptoms of salsa addiction:
If you are wondering, whether you have this addiction or not, check these questions:
– you have a bunch of new friends and lost contact with your past friends
– you dance all night, but still fill fresh in the morning
– you can’t return to old parties, with everybody drinking alcohol and getting cranky because of it
– you don’t feel good if you don’t dance at least 3 times a week
– you check Youtube for new tricks, download salsa music and exchange with other salseros
– you think to yourself – “aaa, this is something I was waiting for my whole life”
– you don’t care how you dress for the party and you don’t care if you start to smell
– you develop blisters on your feet, brooses on your ankles and bumps on your head
– you convince other people to come
– people who don’t dance think you are wierd
If you confirm at least three, you can visit an AS meeting (it will happen on 16th of February).. hihi 😉


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  • […] P.S.: I think I should thank Spela P. for not knowingly kicking my but and reminding me about my blog. She just discovered she is a salsacholic and I remembered one of my ooooold posts on this topic, which was very fun to read And it was so funny to see, the man in that picture, was than just a salsa acquaintance, who liked to read my blog (there were obviosuly so many I knew them all personally ) … but now, he’s the love of my life, my dearest sweetest husband and a very promising father to-be. Talk about some good salsa side-effects If you care or dear to readt it, here it is. […]

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