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February 27, 2008 § 1 Comment

As you may already know, a bunch of Slovenian salseros are coming to 3rd Bulgarian salsa weekend in Sofia, which will take place from 14th to 16th of March. The organizers of this congress are Alex & Flo, nice couple, which we had a chance already to see and meet in Slovenia. They were one of the instructors on October’s Salsa Power festival. We noticed they are good dancers, they know crazy tricks and they are very likeable. Those are all the reasons I decided to invite them to a short chat. Meet Alex & Flo – if you’re not sure who is who, you can figure it out from the answers 😉  

Alex and Flo

1.When was the first time you danced salsa and how was it?
Alex: About 8 years ago, incidentally I went to a salsa party and I was fascinated. I did my very first steps and couldn’t stop since then
Flo: I am not sure about when exactly… probably like 10 – 12 years ago. It was great, I did other kind of dances before that and I was really enthusiastic about this new feeling salsa gave me

2. Where and when did you meet?
Alex&Flo: We had common friends and we have met long time ago, but salsa was the reason we became close and then one thing led to another and we got married J

3. How did you become salsa instructors?
Alex: Flo asked me and we just did it.
Flo: I was already teaching at one studio at that time and then Alex came to the classes… and we`ve just made such a good team together.

4. Do you have any other dancing background?
Alex: I have a background in sports, which helps a lot by the way.
Flo: I did some ballroom, folklore and contemporary. 

5. What is the best thing about your ‘job’?
Alex: Make people happy, to see how they are enjoying and having fun while dancing. Actually, the best feeling is when your students cannot sop dancing after the lessons.
Flo: Of course like Alex, I really enjoy the smiling faces during the classes, but also I do adore the stage. Performing is what keeps me improving and make me feel, let’s say more alive.

6. You have some special tricks in your shows that always take our breath away. Were you ever scared when doing those tricks?
Alex: Nope, it is fun!
Flo: When we are on stage no such feelings, it has got to work. But very often, when we are practicing  🙂 

7. We’re used to seeing man throwing their dance partners around but with you it’s the other way around! How does that feel? 
Alex: Well, we are not the first, but this is the purpose – to make something different.
Flo: I am a strong girl! 🙂 And on the other hand, I have enough, at least now is fair.

8. Did it ever happen that one of you dropped the other?
Alex: So many times, painful tries 🙂 but only when we are learning something new.
Flo: Honestly, he is more injured than me but I had my portion as well. 

9. Tell us your most funny anecdote that happened to you while performing!
Alex: It is never funny if it is happening on stage:)
Flo: Yes, we take our job very seriously. That means, we are allowed to make small mistakes only.
Alex: But once we had such a slippery stage and we were falling one after another several times. We couldn’t finish the show and we stopped in the middle. Now it is funny, but back then we were really dying there! J
Flo: Actually, we had all of the worst things, that can happen to a dancer – black out, falling down, slippery or sticky stage; I was dancing once with broken toes. Funny people J
Alex: I wouldn’t call this “funny stories”, but “accidents”. Whatever, this happens to everybody. 

Alex and Flo backstage

10. How hard is it to organize a salsa congress?
Alex: oh!
Flo: oh! 

11. How many people do you expect this year (from which countries)?
Alex: More than last year.
Flo: Our event is quite attractive and goes bigger and bigger each year, so most likely almost double than last time. We have participant from many countries – Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Austria, UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, France, Italy, of course Slovenia and many others.

12. Which special delights will happen in March on your congress?
Alex&Flo: Wonderful list of instructors and great shows. Very nice location, all workshops and parties at the same place. Excellent DJs who will keep you dancing all night. Our event has always been with a very special and friendly atmosphere, and we hope this year we will succeed with that mission again. Our job is to make our entire guests happy, we offer one fun-packed memorable weekend and we are inviting everybody to experience it together with us. More delights on spot J  


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