I loooooooved it!

March 11, 2008 § 1 Comment

Well, what can I say? Once again Nike has fulfilled all my desires. 🙂 Ok, I’m not gonna overreact. But I don’t think any other event can top the excitement and classes that appear there. I’m totally amazed by myself, that I manage to do almost all classes and than still give class the next day. I think there’s a name for our kind of people… something ending on ***cholic?
If you imagine a typical salsa event, multiply the intensity of classes by 250 and take away the parties (because most people really don’t have the energy to drink and dance than all night.. with exceptions of course). But there are still top world teachers, great energy, fun, excitement, meeting people, … I must say it was really great seeing old friends again (love ya Charlie and Nikkie :)) and it was even more spectacular to attend Tony Stone’s classes. That’s simply just phenomenal! I don’t know which words could describe him better. But I’m not taking anything away from aerobic classes. No, Steve Boedt and Rebecca Small – all my respect to them!! I could not believe the amount of energy Steve left during his classes (and all the things he did along with teaching.. just crazy). And Rebecca,… she’s a pro. That can be seen up from the sky or 2.000 miles away. But even she did not expect Slovenian people are so crazy. At the very last class of the two-day convention, we wanted more!! She was about to finish the class, but we wouldn’t let her. The girl just laid on the floor and said “give me 2 minutes!” We did the routine once more and I must say that was one of my favorite classes this weekend.
But not the only one – my top classes:
– Nikkie Riozzi’s hiphop with her great methodology, creative moves and fun fun fun 🙂
– Tony Stone (hm, which one?) – well I did the Sunday’s first class best so I’ll pick that one (others were more difficult)
– Steve Boedt hi-lo: WOW man, cool choreography but what an energy?!!
– Rebecca Small Aero groove .. like I said – we did not want to stop, despite all the blisters on our feet!

That’s the short version of a long weekend. Of course there was a whole bunch of other instructors as well. I have to complement Geršak as well, others I unfortunately didn’t see.
There a few negative critiques though – the first day started with a 45 minute delay – that’s really not acceptable and I don’t think the mics were set properly (this could be my prefessional deformation speaking, but it has to be mentioned). About those intro shows or warmups.. hmm.. I decided to forget about them asap. 😉

Here are some photos, gathered by me, Charlie and Nikkie.

Nike :)

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  • Miss M says:

    I loved, loved, loved, loved it TOOOOOO!!! Is it just me or what, but every year, just as convention ends I go … “we HAVE to wait for a whoooole year for another one??????” Well luckily… me and my C2 (sometimes with a help of low price Airline Company) do get abroad and attend conventions and festivals in near and not so near neighborhood.
    Jp, I got danced out this weekend – and I looooved every second of it. Still have a bit sore neck though (have no idea what I did?!)
    Nikkie’s class AWESOME! And of course… the WICKED TONY! Wicked music, wicked coreo and wicked classes! All my respect to Slovenian dance teachers as well. Loved every single one. And I totally agree. The delay on saturday? All though I’m NOT an early bird – 15, hell 20 min – agreeable. 45 mins?!?! Not O.K. even by my standards. And guys… the Sunday’s warm up??? No disrespect, but folks at convention were older than 7…yeah girl… I’m trying really hard to forget that one too.

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