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March 21, 2008 § 4 Comments

One of the effects of an absolutely fabulous past weekend are unfortunately sore muscles. But not all of them! Just my left quadriceps. Thanks to Jazzy (although I loved the class) I look like Herr Flick, dragging my left leg behind for the whole week. Ok, he did warn us the leg might hurt … but C’mon! This much?! And the worst thing is, I couldn’t let my leg rest, because I had aerobic classes, where I had to do a lot of squads. 😦 So I had to warm up heavily before the start of the class. I managed through classes somehow, but today I noticed my right leg started to sore. Why? Well I guess I must have put more pressure on right leg to avoid pain in the left. And this is no easy pain, my leg just drops once in a while. So here’s a tiny little, but crucial advice for all instructors (dance or aerobic) WARM UP your students!! Cause we did absolutely no warm up. Just bang on that left leg,.. 20, 30 or 40 times. No wonder it’s torn apart.

I do have a little journalistic feel, so I asked my friend Google, what he knows about sore muscles. Here’s what he says:

Whenever you engage in an unusual level of physical activity, whether lifting weights, going for a jog, or simply moving a heavy piece of furniture you create microscopic tears in your muscle tissue. Don’t worry; this is normal – when your body rebuilds the damaged muscle it grows back bigger and stronger than before. This is the same mechanism that athletes and bodybuilders use to become faster, bigger and stronger.”

Ok, I understand and agree with that (although I don’t like hearing my muscles tear). But this pain is heavier than usual muscle sore. My G-friend describes different levels of sore muscles:

1. Normal, Post-Workout sourness (it feels like a good pain, gets better after you rest);
—–> nope, this is no pleasant pain

2. Strained or Overexerted Muscle Soreness (when you push too hard, too fast and is most common in people who are just beginning a workout program and overdo it on the first few trips to the gym; if the pain is tolerable, rest, if not, see a doctor)
—–> with 5 classes and 2 trainings per week, plus choosing the stairs over an elevator and parking miles away from a job, I could hardly say I’m beginner in workout programs

3. Pulled and torn muscles (This usually happens because a muscle was not fully prepared for exertion or incapable of handling the demanded exertion and is exactly what the title implies! The muscles can either really hurt or in worst case can’t be activated anymore.)
——> Exactly.! Auuaaa…

I think I belong in a mild category of third soreness. So I actually torn my muscle. But as G-friend says, if I can sit behind my laptop and read and write about it, I’m pretty much OK?!! Thank you!

The moral of the story: warm up! warm up! warm up! WARM UP! And STRECH at the end! I doubt muscles will get any bigger if you risk tearing them. If it feels like warm up is too boring, well so be it. Every once in a while, one has to do something boring. You have to get the right technique to get the best results. So think about warming up and stretching after any crazy activity you do. Even a harmless activity like salsa dancing can be painful as you see 😦


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§ 4 Responses to About sore muscles

  • MissDulceM says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha… do you remember as folks used to say that ‘musklfiber’ – that is what you had – is resoult of some sort of milky acid that builds up in your musles if you over do it? Busted! Hehe… it’s just little tiny tany ici bici tears of muscle tissue. Yeah… tiny tany… but it’s really one huge pain in the gluteus maximus (inteligently speakin’)…
    Really entertaining blog! Loved it!

  • Irena Pfundner says:

    Musklfiber yes.. which means my muscles have fever?
    This blog, however, does not belong in the Entertain category, but better in Education!

  • MissDulceM says:

    Yeah… I know it’s education… but it’s very entertaining… best way to actually learn a thing or two is having fun while at it. Right?
    And if you didn’t wannted for it to be a bit funny… sorry… it made me laugh!

  • Irena Pfundner says:

    No, you’re right. I would be most happy if teachers at school taught us that way.. history.. and math… We would be so smart now! 😉

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