So you think you can dance?

March 27, 2008 § 9 Comments

I think it was just a question of time, when I will start writing about my all time favorite TV show – So you think you can dance reality dance show – an absolute winner if you ask me. The US version is starting its 4th season now and there are some pretty good followers around the world (Australia among best and just in progressΒ at the moment πŸ™‚ ). You can imagine I know all previous seasons by heart, because that is just one of those things I can watch over and over and over again. There are some totally awesome and unforgettable shows which gives me the best inspiration and motivation for dance ever.

An award winning, one of best ever shows. Wade Robson’s Ramalama Bang Bang group routine.

How the show works?

Out of thousands and thousands of dancers and wannabe dancers, strict jury has to choose 20 top dancers, which will be able to learn and do various dance styles. And boy do they do that! I mean, you have ballerina doing latin and krumping, a B-girl doing the argentine tango, a hiphoper in slow waltz. And they don’t just learn it, they perform it. They do it like they’ve been dancing all styles for ages. I guess that’s what a good dancer really is – being able to perform just about anything. Versatility is what the jury is looking for. In the end, however, the winner, America’s (if we concentrate on USA) favorite dancer is chosen by people. Televoting only! πŸ™‚

Makers of the show

The creator and broadcaster is Fox TV, where So you think you can dance already became a Nr. 1 show (regarding ratings ). The people who make the show worth seeing, besides the dancers, are world’s top choreographers: Mia Michaels in contemporary, Shane Spars and Dave Scott in HipHop, Wade Robson with the wackiest numbers possible, Tyce Diorio and Mandy Moore with unforgettable jazz and Broadway routines, Alex da Silva with salsa and argentine tango etc. I won’t write all the names, because there’s just so many. You can just take my word on it – they are all awesome!!! I can’t believe I’ve come to a point I think I fell in love with contemporary, because of what Mia Michaels does in her routines. It just breathtaking and totally inspiring.

I suggest you search the ***tube for some shows and than we can discuss what stroke you the most. I put one group routine from Season 2 up, but there are so many more I loved.

Personal thoughts on some SYTYCD moments:

– I loved the fact Sabra won Season 3, since she has been so strong and energetic and just enjoyable to watch,.. although more than i look at the shows, I see Danny was a true winner. The technique he has, the presence, I feel sorry everybody thought he was to self-confident, I think it was just his love to dance that gave that impressions. All he did was dance with his heart, unconditionally. Love him. But I also loved Neil – he was hiding for a while, but he came out and show us all. The battle of the kings… uuuhhh… looooooveeed that one!!

– Benji winning Season 2. He was Americas favorite dancer, no doubt about it. He was the best performer out there. But if it ws for technique it should have been Travis. Although I was a bit dissapointed people voted out Allison before final 4. That I found totally unfair. She to me was number 1 there. Great personality, cute, perfect technique and she could do ANYTHING! You name it – she did it. Flawless. I would vote for her last year.

– Season 1 I won’t comment on, because I don’t know it by heart πŸ™‚ I saw Melody was a little angel out here, and Ashlee mastered all dances, but it was Nick who took the title. Again the favorite dancer was chosen.. well, I guess there are mostly women who vote there…


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§ 9 Responses to So you think you can dance?

  • MissDulceM says:

    Do you know… that I ACTUALY DANCED with Alex de Silva? Yp… I took couple of his salsa classes while I was in L.A. (you should see my grin right now… and I’m blushing as well!! ooo good times that were… ah) And we did a little part of routine that he did for Benji and Heidi for sytycd. Damn!! (Can’t get the grin off my face!!) That L.A. hollidays are still the best thing I ever did. Need to do it AGAIN SOON!!

    But… as you said… SYTYCD is world wide dance fenomenon. Australia, Greece, Scandinavia, Germany…
    Right now, there are Australian dancers fighting for the tittle of Australia’s favurite dancer. And boy -Australia has awesome dancers and awesome choreographers. Jason Gilkison – he is a genious!!!! You really have to see it. Amazing!!
    Like you, I could talk and write about this indefinetly long…
    so… I’ll stop here.

  • Irena Pfundner says:

    OK, you can have a grin for that πŸ™‚ But did you ride his car? πŸ˜‰ I never really thought Alex is top salsa choreographer (oops), but boy – the argentine tango he does… WOW! Respect. I can’t get Allison and Ivan of my mind.

    I think we could create a SYTYCD anonimus? The first sign of addiction: you get up the day after the show and start youtubing and blog searching for clips, results etc.
    Sign two: you’ve seen certain shows approx. 20 tmes
    Sign three: you know what judges say by heart!

    Therapy? Hmmmm…. Well, Try and do it! Learn new stuff. Explore. Discover what you can do with your body and how the mind gets loose. Or is that getting even more addicted? Eh, who cares …

    If anybody wants to give me the best gift ever, greatest surprise or emotional heart attack – give me the show ticket! Or better yet – get me to Mia Michales (beginners/intermediate) class!

  • MissDulceM says:

    you know… if you go to Santa Monica Pier… tickets for shows are actually free (at least they were two years ago) . So all you have to do is hop on a plane to Frankfurt of Zurrich, take another plane to New York and another to L.A. Or just take a direct flight to L.A. But New York – you don’t wanna miss it… ‘Pis’a’kejk’ though hehe.
    So… I suggest if you really wanna make Irena happy… a return ticket to L.A. will do. And I wouldn’t mind one eather.
    For Mia’s classes… you’d have to go to Miami, Florida or New York. So… when are we going? L.A., New York, Miami… I don’t care. If in L.A. I’ll get you a ticket for the show ;c).

  • MissDulceM says:

    ooou… I have a photo of his car. I didn’t know that it was his until I saw the show. It was the weirdest car I ever saw… or there must have been one exactly like his… (though doubt it).

  • Irena Pfundner says:

    Yes… two ‘theythinktheycandance‘ lunatics just opened a public qest for the most generous soul, to get them to all places mentioned above. You can become our favorite dancer!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • MissDulceM says:

    our favurite sponsor…ha ha…

  • Irena Pfundner says:

    Oh yes! The winner gets a year subscription to the best link position on both blogs, eternal gratitude and a substantial self-esteem growth!

  • MissDulceM says:

    Hez… I got me a real So you think you can dance in Ostia … Hip Hop festival – OMG!!! But awesome!

  • Irena Pfundner says:

    We’re all waiting for a thorough reportage. πŸ™‚

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