Salsafest 2008 – part 1

April 13, 2008 § Leave a comment

After a busy and crapyweathered week there’s no better thing than to chill and ventilate on salsa parties. Luckily this is the weekend when Salsoteca organizes its 3rd Slovenian salsa festival, so we have plenty of chances to do that 🙂 I’ve already attended two parties and still have some energy left for today 😉 Friday night was not as busy, so everybody had a great chance to experience dancing with all guest instructors and had enough room to dance (that is a very welcome festival quality nowadays). But yesterday the place got packed. I think there were quite a lot foreign salseros present as well. We saw some great shows – my favorite were Nelson Flores&Veronica Castilla (the smoothest routine of all), I really liked Fridaynight performance from Ramon Morales y su Nuevo Imperio, plus I cannot pass by Donia’s performance – she performed with Sam Gannon and they gave this comic salsa routine… I just love it when dancing becomes acting!  🙂
Unfortunately my camera is not among my top friends or employees at the moment and refuses to work for me. That’s why I will have to wait for some generous soul to equip this article with sufficient photo and video material. Thanks in advance! 🙂
Read you soon, with part 2 review – they say we’ll have a live band on tonight’s party. Let’s see how that works on Sunday night… 🙂

y su Nuevo Imperio


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