I dance for me!

Married with salsa and each other


Dado & Conny are a fun couple, which we had a pleasure to see in Slovenia before. They always bring special energy to their classes, make people laugh, their shows are getting better and better and we will see them again on 24th of May on Salsa Flower Power event. “Gold rush is coming to Ljubljana,” says Dado, who is answering the questions in the name of both (hm,… I wonder why) 😉
Up in Gradz the couple owns the “Conny & Dado” dance school, so they belong in the category of people, who managed to join business and pleasure – in salsa. 🙂


Irena: Hey guys! I must say I’m really excited about you two returning to Slovenia. How do you feel about that?

Dado: Well, we are always glad to come back to Slovenia, ‘cause especially I feel almost like home there. I can teach on my mother language and nobody understands anything! Just great 🙂

Just kidding! I can release my Bosnian jokes, and people seem to like them… so I never stop to fool around 🙂 Poor Conny 🙂



Irena: I saw your new show in Zagreb and must say it’s really spectacular! As I see you try to work most with musicality? Why do you think musicality is so important in salsa?

Dado: Without music, there would be no dance probably. That says everything. The fact is, that the two of us can’t do it any other way but to the music, ‘cause the music tells you how you should move to it. You “just” need to listen…

Irena: Your “Conny & Dado dance school” seems to be working great. How hard it is to run a dance school?

Dado: The bigger the school, the harder it gets of course. We don’t have a small school, so you can picture it… The hardest thing is to still keep it personal, no matter how big you get. Students want to talk to you, dance with you, and you always need to find time for that, otherwise your students become your customers. We don’t want that, they are our dancers, students, friends and then customers.


Irena: Who does most of the work? Does each of you have different duties or do you do everything together?

Dado: Conny does more work I must say, although, you can’t really compare our work. I teach more, and she organizes more. That’s harder. I wouldn’t switch with her… But she is so good at it, everything she touches, works. I’m really bad at it. I forget half of the things, I have to do. That’s why I do more teaching, ‘cause I feel more like home there. She would like to teach more, and organize less, but the time will come…


Irena: Dado, you said you asked Conny for the dance and a year later you asked her to marry you. Tell us how and especially where you two met?

Dado: We met in a Cuban bar in Graz. The moment I saw her, I knew it… She’s the one. It took some time though for her to realize the same 🙂, but I was very patient. First we started to dance together as a couple, and then 3 months later, we got together. Man, I thought it’s gonna last forever till she get soft on me. But she did, and few months later she said “yes, I want to merry you”. The rest is history 🙂



Irena: Usually we think there is no way one can live out of dancing. But you prove us wrong. Was it hard to make the decision that your job will be dancing?

Dado: No, for us no. `Cause it just developed by the time. We didn’t plan it. It just kind of happened. We got more and more students, so at one point we figured, it could work if we would do it professionally. So we did. And it was very, very good decision.


Irena: Do you ever fight over dancing? We know a lot of couples have that problem, plus fighting over that terrible syndrome of jealousy. How do you cope with that?

Dado: We never had the problem of jealousy, but we did fight over dancing. But it was getting better and better, and now it’s almost gone. By the time you learn how not to react the way you could irritate each other, and you learn how to say thing’s the right way, so nobody gets personal. There is no “you”, there is no “I”, there is only “us”. WE are too slow on that move, WE need to spin faster, WE did not do this or that good. This “WE”-thing helped a lot…


Irena: You both have different dance backgrounds. How did you end up with salsa? Is that really an eternal love?

Dado: We didn’t end up with SALSA. We didn’t end up anyway. WE began with salsa, and then we got to tango, ballroom, jazz, swing, afro, and there are a lot more dances and styles to discover. Salsa is only one part of our dance life. But important one, though.


Irena: Do you have any big plans for the future?

Dado: Kids, kids, kids… 🙂


Irena: Are we gonna see little Dado and little Conny any time soon? 🙂

Dado: We hope so. Oh, the world needs to prepare first to another little Dado. There is not enough (dancefloor) space in this town for the two of us 🙂. YET! And I can’t wait for little Conny. Then I would have the two most beautiful girls in the world for my self. Not bad, huh?


Irena: What will you prepare for our salseros in May? Give us a little teaser 🙂

Dado: Gold rush is coming to Ljubljana…


Irena: Thanks for all this. Really looking forward to 24th of May. C ya! 🙂

Dado: CU