Brussels Summer salsa Congress

May 15, 2008 § 2 Comments

WOW! That’s the first thing I can say about it. The longer version would be: FUN, HOT & SLEEPLESS. Fun, cause that’s all we had there, hot, cause despite the fact Brussels lies up in north, temperatures rose up to 30 degrees and cause dance halls were not air-conditioned (there was a HUGE ventilator, but he couldn’t handle that crowd) and sleepless, cause in sum we had just about 10 hours of sleep in 4 days.
Irena, Maša and Maša went to Brussels last weekend. Yes, 2 Mašas, which seemed hilarious to certain instructors (apparently there’s a lot of Maša’s in Slovene salsa scene, … imagine that). Our mission was to promote Slovene Salsa Power Festival (which I think was done farley good) and to have some fun along the way.
The 5th International Summer Salsa Congress rose to our expectations. The classes were on appropriate difficulty level, the instructors put a lot of energy in them and talked to students about it, the parties were packed and full of good dancers. I must really complement dancers there, I don’t remember a single one of them dancing poor or without a feeling. Not that I am any kind of dancing master, but I have a feeling when people really are good and when they just think they are good. 🙂 One of the best things for me was to see everybody dance on2. There was not even so much asking of what style you want to dance, the on2 is their first choice, but if you should insist on dancing on1, they would probably consider it. I can’t wait for the same thing happen in Slovenia, cause for me, personally, dancing on2 feels a lot better! 🙂

What stood out the most:
1. Me and Maša on that Brussels’s stage, promoting our festival (me saying stupid things and Maša running away?)… But we still got our 5 minutes of fame 🙂
2. Various taxi routes from Talal’s place to the Stadium (the start and finish were always the same,… the in between however varied for up to 10€)
3. Johnny Vasquez show – yeah it reeeaaaally impressed me!
4. Spending time with our friends: Talal, Neeraj, Gosia, Christiaan, Dirk, … Thanks guys … and the lady!
5. My favorite classes (totally personal view): Neeraj and his bodymovement, Juan Matos with footwork, Johnny’s energetic partnerwork routine, Nelson Flores and Brian&Mechteld etc.
6. The 24/7 sunny weather.
7. Talal’s new pool on the terrace (with less water you can squeeze bigger pool on a smaller terrace.

My compliments to the organizers, they certainly did well. This seems like a must-attend congress for the next year.

Photos are coming up soon!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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