Cubismo Live Concert

June 9, 2008 § Leave a comment

I think there were at least 12 of us,… maybe even more… wearing red or black Salsa Power shirts and dancing in the first row (?! standing row that is) on Saturday’s concert of Cubismo in Križanke (Ljubljana). It was awesome! The band gave us one of their best concerts I think. Or maybe our excitement is more a consequence of not seeing them in a while. They used to be here once a month, but now it’s been a while I guess 🙂
After the concert our feet were too hot to stop so we headed to center in pursue of some place with salsa music and a small place to dance. And what do you know, a place in Ljubljana called Stara mačka, does have latin nights every weekend. And more than that, it has a small stage where one or two couples can do some partnerwork. Really cool. But after that, after 1 a.m., there was nothing left, nowhere else to go. 😦 So we are all cheering, that after next Cubismo concert BU-BA organizes an after party 😉 What do you think, Maša? Let’s make a Bubismo after party! 🙂 It’s just impossible to go home after that experience…


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