SYTYCD New Season

June 13, 2008 § 2 Comments

I couldn’t let go. 🙂 Decided that this year I will inform you about the progress of 4th So you think you can dance season, which started in May. This week was the first week of Top 20 performers. They were paired up into couples and each given their own dance genre, choreographer and routine to deal with. There were already some great routines. Personally, after only watching the show once (you know I will watch it another gazillion times 😉 ), my favorite were:

–  Katee and Joshua’s hiphop 
A beautiful, flowing, yet tight and extremely synchronized routine

Chelsie and Mark’s contemporary
Mia Michaels did it again! This whole picture was phenomenal: the costumes, the choreography and the dancing. AMAZING! Chelsie was like this big snowflake in Marks arms

Besides that I liked the Chelsea and Thayne’s chacha as well… and many more 🙂
This was Wednesday night in the States. Yesterday night came the eliminations. After watching all routines people then have a chance to vote for their favorites and keep them safe from eliminations. After the number of votes are collected, the bottom three couples are named and they have to perform their own solo routine. The strict jury then decides who is the weakest in the competition, so one girl and one boy has to leave. Yesterday they eliminated the first two: ballerina Rayven and ballroom dancer Jamie. It’s always sad to see people leave, but that’s the purpose of the show – to choose America’s favorite dancer!


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§ 2 Responses to SYTYCD New Season

  • sytycd says:

    Welcome to the club! It’s an addiction that can’t be stopped.

  • Irena Pfundner says:

    I know! Wish I could experience it live once 🙂 Though I’m not yet sure if maybe the cameras and producing factor make it even better than live performance…
    Keep having fun with it. Nice readings you have there.. 🙂

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