Top 18 think they can dance

June 19, 2008 § Leave a comment

Another round of performances in my favorite TV show, So you think you can dance. Top 18 performed (on Monday I believe) and it was broadcasted yesterday on Fox TV. Thanks to modern technologies and some sleepless internet addicts, there are already some clips on the web for us to see. In general, judges were not as happy and excited as we are used to. Most of the performances were average, but then sunshine came through and Katee&Joshua got standing ovations from all – the crowd and the judges. Wow, I’ve never seen Nigel do that?! But truly Tyce’s broadway routine really was awesome and the couple lived and breathed through it. They were both out of their genre and did a spectacular job.

Another quite positive critique came for Twitch and Kherington dancing on Celin Dion’s A new day has come Viennese waltz. At first impression I liked the outfit, cause it was more contemporary-like and so was the dancing. They did dance it beautifully, yet Mia had some doubts. Mary was in tears though. 🙂 I think I am still getting used to this American style of ballroom dances. When I did the waltz, we danced in closed position, doing the square, but the American style is more open, quite different from the European version. So basically, they were dancing the American Viennese waltz.. 😉  😉 Oh, that reminds me of Season 2 and Donyelle, saying Vietnamese waltz (she couldn’t pronounce ‘Viennese’) 🙂 I guess it is a whole another world on the other side of the ocean. Back to Twitch and Kheringotn – enjoy the beauty of the dance. They did nice 🙂

Tonight is the eliminations night. We’ll see what America thought about Top 18.


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