Another week of eliminations

June 27, 2008 § Leave a comment

Even when I am travelling I somehow cannot make it without So you think you can dance. Is that an addiciton? No, I think It is just an admiration and passion. So, this week top 16 performed. I have checked all performances (whereever you are, Youtube functions in the same way 😉  ) and noticed the overall review was better than last week. I think my favorite this week was rumba by Courtney and Gev. As you will notice they showed magnificent chemistry that developed between them and I must say they got a really good technique too (do not forget they have to get it in just a few days. Here is the clip:

Another best for me (seeing it only once of course) is a hiphop routine on Bleeding love, performed by Chelsie and Mark. Choreography was made by newcomers in the show, Napoleon and Thabitha, and it was fabulous. I loved it, something fresh in the show, with the story (you know I love storytelling in dance). I think they were crowned as a couple of the night and I might as well confirm to that. Really really nice routine.

Now, since today is Friday, I can already inform you on this weeks weakest links. Hm, should I? 😉
On the elimination night 3 couples were again nominated as bottom 3 (as a result of US TV voting):
– Chelsea and Thayne: unfortunatelly they got the quikstep, known as a kiss of death in SYTYCD, and I guess it was no different for them: It really is hard to learn that dance and not look like a Pinnochio
– Comfort and Chris: they did not get animalistic enough for their routine, which kinda made us expect they will find themselves in bottom 3
– Kourtni and Matt: they worked with a new choreographer, wilder choreographer, which was an interesting novelty and they danced it well, but compared to other routines I guess it didn not stand out enough

The judges then talked about it and eliminated Chelsea and Chris. This means, next week Comfort and Thayne will be paired up.
Talk soon! 😉


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