Salsa splash in Graz

July 3, 2008 § Leave a comment

A lot of salsa goes on recently so it’s actually hard to keep track 🙂 The weekend we spent in Graz was good. We took a few classes, which were all really educational and on a respectable level. On Saturday night a local theater called Orpheum got filled with Austrian salseros, a few cars of dancers from Slovenia and a whole bus from Croatia! It was a busy party, so naturally we got kicked out of the place at the end… I must say we saw an interesting show program. The most pleasant surprise was the CDDC (Conny and Dado Dance Crew or Company.. I don’t know really 😉  ). I know that Dado and Conny can do that show, but to teach their students the same show and to synchronize them… Well, I can only compliment them. Here is the link to the show:

The most breathtaking, as always, was Israel Gutierrez. I will never understand how he despites all those laws of nature, but he is a real pleasure to watch. Some even loose the excitement of learning salsa when they see him for the first time. 😉  😉  But he is really unique at his style, so it’s senseless to try and copy him. See for yourself


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