Sea, Sun, Salsa, … Super Summer Salsa Festival

July 14, 2008 § 5 Comments

This month is so busy, I don’t even get a chance to keep you posted about all dancing events. Since I’ve missed reporting on half of them I will explain it in the next few days (hopefully), starting with the last, most cool and worth seeing event – Croatian Salsa Festival 2008 in Rovinj. That was 4 days of non-stop dancing, sweating, swimming and having fun! The heat was almost intolerable. And since the festival broke all records of participation this year, organizing a party indoor seemed madness. And it really was. After dancing one dance everybody ran out to catch some oxygen, wring clothes … when one came out of that dancehall it was like coming out of the ocean. Soaked! Of course we’re used to sweat at salsa parties, but this was on a higher level!
Still, this didn’t bother us too much. 🙂 The open-air party with live performance of Mercandonegro was awesome! Those guys really play good music – even though, again, dancing on live music completely exhausts you. I remember a few times after the song and dance finished I had to bend down and grasp for breath.
Most memorable experience of all, however, was the pool party. You don’t get that at every salsa festival. It’s something completely different, totally relaxed, sometimes it almost seems a bit dirty … 😉 I guess it reminds us of those trips students take at the end of their studies (at least in Slovenia).

The festival had rich workshop plan, since one could choose among 6 classes at the same time. The only problem was, that workshops venues were not on the same place and walking in that heat… No, thank you!

Here are my famous impression statements:
– Combination of sea, sun and salsa is the winning combination.
– I didn’t enjoy Saturday’s party as much, because it was simply too crowded.
– The Friday’s night concert was spectacular.
– I met some amazing people, especially the exotic threesome from India – You guys are really the best. Do not dare to miss the Slovenian festival! 😉

– My compliments to Farid, he is a great entertainer, animator, I liked his shine class and social dancing. Nice energy throughout.
– I also enjoyed Andrea’s reggaeton and ladies styling class, and of course the U-tribe tribute. R.elle is just a pleasure for the eyes! 🙂
– My roomates were the best, considering the crew, you can imagine we were never bored! 😉

– Did I mention we sweat a lot?!




§ 5 Responses to Sea, Sun, Salsa, … Super Summer Salsa Festival

  • Shyam says:

    nice one, you seemed to have had a lot of fun… you should have touched upon the kind of music played (lack of bachata), nationalities (and their eccentricities) involved at the festival etc…

    but i guess it was a personal note.. in that front i think you covered everything succinctly.. and ya not many spelling mistakes either… have a good one… 🙂

  • Irena Pfundner says:

    Oh, you were there too? 🙂

    Eh, those are just some exotic Asian people who like to dance so much bachata.. We continental people see it more as an excuse to squeeze with girls … 😉

  • Shyam says:

    yep, i was that dark ugly guy in the background… you could only see me in the day…:-)

    we exotic people do bachata only for the sake of art… pure minded souls we are… u continentals just need an excuse to squeeze in with us… 🙂

  • Irena Pfundner says:

    Damn,.. I’ll have to check the photos.. 😉

    Oh it’s art for you … Well, like u said,.. we played almost no bachata, so I guess there was no real desire to squeeze, right… 🙂

  • Masa says:

    Yes, it was a nice festival cause of all the nice people, sea, sun and salsa 🙂 and especially the exotic Indian guys – good dancers and good looking 😉
    well guys, I do hope to see you in Slovenian festival in October.

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