Bachata… the feeling, sensuality, movimiento

July 25, 2008 § 1 Comment

It takes a while for people to get the real meaning of bachata. People form Europe that is, not people from latin countries or Asia etc. Europe still has a lot of traditional, conservative values which often lead us into wrong perceptions. I guess we resemble the strict Germans (pronounced with a Z 😉 ) more than temperament and sensual latinos. Such a shame.. But seriously, meeting new people opens up so many horizons, one of them certainly being the perception of music and dance. It’s actually a cultural thing. When I first saw bachata I was literary scared. I saw it as an excuse for guys to squeeze girls close to themselves and god knows what else.. Unfortunately I still think some of them have that hidden interest. But luckily more and more people are really starting to feel bachata, feel Her rhythm and flow. Cause surely, bachata songs are one of the best out there. There’s not much you can dance to it, but you can very well interpret it. It’s all about the feeling. In Slovenia we teach bachata in almost open position, holding hands like small kids, do a turn or two, while real bachata is danced in tight-closed position, using only pelvis. Yeah, when you let go of shyness and relax, you can really enjoy it. The music itself is strong and emotional, so just let it lead you 🙂 Thanks to everybody that showed me the real meaning of bachata – it’s a priceless knowledge. However, unfortunately I do still think one cannot dance bachata with just anybody. Sorry! 😉

Here’s one of my currently favorite bachata songs. I recommend to close your eyes and enjoy it.. it’s reeaaalyyy beautiful: Domenic Marte – Ven tu


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  • salsagigolo says:

    I enjoyed reading your post on bachata – very nice.

    For me, it is very painful to sit-out a bachata – I need to dance when a bachata comes on. It is the same way with salsa romantica. When bachata or salsa romantica comes on, I need salsera. Not just any salsera, but salsera with whom I feel free to dance. Salsera who will go with the flow, and maybe submit to me, emotionally, even if it is for just one dance.

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