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August 1, 2008 § 2 Comments

Last week before the final.. It was crazy. I’m not gonna discuss the solos (I guess I never really do), but couples routines were all superb. I usually try to pick two of the best out, but this was bloddy difficult this week. In sum I kinda ruled out Mark and Courtnie’s routine, just because of the plain reason they didn’t stand out AS much. I think my favorite of the week was passo doble by Katee and Josh (who I guess are everybody’s favorites at the moment):

The next one would be Twitch and Chelsie’s hiphop routine (and OMG do I like Napoleon and Tabitha’s work):

Further on it’s Josh and Katee again, with Tyce’s contemporary routine:

This should be my top selection. But in reality, I really enjoyed them all. The funny thing is, I think for the first time, the concept on2 in mambo was discussed at the show. They explained how tough it is to get the counting (besides the routine of course). Well this is how it turned out:

Yeah, it is difficult. Which is encouraging for all are fellow salseros 🙂
Anyways, the top 6 performed and then the results came in. I kinda expected that Mark will be eliminated, but I was surprised to see Chelsie leave. Cause she did 2 great routines and well,.. I like ballroom girls 😉
Next week will be hot! I heard Adam Shankman promised lead role in his next movie to this season’s winner! Sounds a bit better than dancing in the Celion Dion’s show, doesn’t it? 😉


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§ 2 Responses to Sytycd on its peak

  • sytycd says:

    A role in a movie sounds better to me too. Plus, only certain types of dancers really fit in with Celine Dion’s show. Benji just would have been out of place in that show.

    I can’t believe you didn’t mention the Viennese waltz. That was one of my favorites, but like you said they were all good.

  • Irena Pfundner says:

    Yeah, I agree… Benji would never fit in there… He’s a show maker, you need to see his face and he needs to poke jokes. A serious show like Celine Dion’s, I think Danny would fit in there.. although, on the other hand, he might be too good for that… Who knows. I love them all.. Each is interesting in it’s own way. 🙂

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