I dance for me!

Boat and pool party


This was one hell of a weekend, characterized by salsa and water. Salsa on the water, salsa by the water, salsa in the water, … wherever you can imagine it. 🙂 Salsa Adriatica, a traditional yearly event on the boat, got accompanied by a pool party this year. And speaking from a personal point of view, the pool party was even better than the boat party. Both were great of course. 🙂

This is not like a typical salsa festival, because there are no classes… just fun, parties, dancing, swimming, laughing,… What could you see on this year’s Salsa Adriatica:
– beautiful weather during the day, and the stormiest storm ever in the night 
– rocky boat
– dizzy feeling in the evening (still feeling like dancing on the boat)
– pole dancing on the boat by Andrej Blatnik and some Italian brave-guys
– slippery floor by the pool (yes I fell, so what?!)
– blistered feet after the pool party
– great, fun animations by Leon and Martina
– rueda around the pool
– bachata train … with turns!
– a loooot of water splashing

And if you were with us in the apartment you witnessed:
– almost no sleep
– a lot of sleeping rooms, yet still squeezing on 2 beds only
– bottles nicely tucked in bed
– frozen drinks
– snoring!
– moskquito bites
– pancake cravings!!
– hill burger at 5am
– …

To cut a long story short – see some photos as well 🙂 🙂 And do not miss it next year!