Never say “I can’t do it”

October 24, 2008 § Leave a comment

I love the saying “If you have a body, you can move. If you can move, you can dance.” (I’m a bit more skeptical about the one saying you can sing, if you have a voice though 😉 ). I ran into this clip again, which amazed me totally. Besides the fact that dancing is beautiful and rich, full of creative ideas and great interpretation … it is the message that this two guys carry, which stroke me the most. I often hear people say they can’t do this or that, they were not born for this or that, they lost their will etc. Well, if a guy can dance with a crutch and a girl can hold him with only one arm and they don’t loose their spirit, .. than we, who moan about silly things, should just shut up! I think they bring out a very positive, inspiring message, which we should all try to follow. I simply love them. Thank you for remembering me the world is as colorful as one pictures it … If one chooses black and white, it’s nobody else’s fault… If it seems impossible, just make it possible!



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