A tribute to Lee Wright

November 16, 2008 § Leave a comment


It’s been a week since salsa dance world was shocked by a tragic news, that a salsa shining star, UK’s champion and Shelley’s partner, LEE WRIGHT, was killed in a car accident. He just reached Malaga, where he went with his friends to celebrate his birthday. His (only) 24th birthday!!
Lee was everybodies sweetheart. A warm personality. One of those people everyone likes to be around. He was a great person and a great dancer. He won UK’s title with Shelley, was a part of Leon Rose’s project and was teaching and performing around the world. Besides being a great leader, he was also a great follower. Many said he must be the best female dancer on the scene 🙂 It is very tragic to hear he was ripped out of this world, especially since he was still so young. Many festival organizers must delete Lee&Shelley from the artist list now, but noone can really erase him from memories. I think he touched a lot of people on this world… and he undid a lot of bras 😉 So his memory will live on. As Mario said: “I guess he is upthere now, teaching God how to spin”… cause he spinned pretty amazing yes 🙂

I have copied the accident report from Facebook group “In remembrance of Lee Wright“, where his cousin is publishing latest news. What happened on that night, round 2:20 was:
“Lee and his friend Mat was in the back of a friends car travelling to the hotel that they were going to stay in. The car infront of theirs went to take a left turn so Lee’s car slowed down as the car made the turn.
A car travelling at high speed from behind them did not break and hit the car Lee was in from behind.
Lee was killed instantly and Mat was badly injured.
The driver of the car that hit them survived but his wife who was a passenger was also killed.
Lee was asleep in the back of the car and would not have known anything when it happened. It was instant so he never suffered, is that comforting? Maybe in a way yes but we all know that we wished he would have woken up…”
My deepest condolances to all if his friends and family, may God give them strength to move on and charish all nice memories of Lee.


Here is one very touching tribute, to get a feeling of what kind of a person Lee was:


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