Maja was 3rd on WC!!!

December 7, 2008 § 2 Comments

It is with great joy and happiness in my heart that I can announce our Maja was 3rd in the world championship in street dance, which is happening this weekend in Slovakia!!! 🙂 The famous Martico cup 2008 is presenting 3600 competitors from 27 countries and 204 trophies to be won. You might remember a while ago, when I reported Kazina (where Maja dances) was 2nd in national championship and therefore got a chance to compete in the world championships as well. And they did good obviously – they were placed 3rd in Slovakia.

Unfortunatelly this is all I know for now, cause Maja is not answering phones yet (!!!!), but I’m sure she will add all necessary information once she returns home.

So, Maja, tell us: how many groups in your category, who won and who was second, how did it feel, is the medal hanging around your neck heavy?? 🙂 🙂

CONGRATULATIONS!! I know this is like a deep sweet dream coming true. I’m happy for you. All the girls from Dulce Locura are happy for you. Mwah, mwah!
And same goes for you Alex! 🙂
And Žele for the choreography I guess… (other dancers I don’t know unfortunatelly)

Untill Maja manages to return and report on the journey, here is an intro clip, invitation to this years Martico cup:.. if you’ll manage to understand anything.. hehe…

Martico cup has a special place in my heart actually. Since I was competing there as well. 🙂 I think it was the first international cup, long long time ago, when I was still dancing hiphop in Bolero (damn, I’m getting old… cause that was old-school hiphop… in its beginnings). Well, our ‘army’ competed there (we were dressed as real soldiers) and we got into the finals I think. I still remember very vividly the feeling of going there, performing, seeing other groups.. it’s just a special energy, adrenalin, joy and youth! 🙂 Plus I was alowed to skip school for a couple of days.. hihi 🙂


§ 2 Responses to Maja was 3rd on WC!!!

  • MissDulceM says:

    Oooooo, thank you, thank you, thank you very much!!! Indeed, I’m soooo happy. I’m so sorry I wasn’t returning your calls, but it was almost imposible. On saturday, the day of competition we had so much to do… hair make up.. we really steped up this time. Wait to see the pictures! It was friday mornin, 9 o’clock, when we started swirling eachothers hair onto hairpins…. It took us more than 16 hours and gazillion hair pins just for our hair … make up took another couple of hours. And add some 10 hours traveling on a bus …
    Anyways, more info. There are 21 dancers in our group and our choreography is called Ghostbusters. And of course, we wouldn’t be where we were without the supreme Ghost or maybe supreme Ghostbuster(??), our choreografer, coach and teacher Željko Božić. The story of our number goes: in dance school Kazina, ghosts of old dance formations are scearing people off . A couple of Ghostbusters are called to deal with them and they discover that they can control ghosts with music – when there is music on, they dance… so they use music to catch them all and pack them safely away.
    I just enjoyed our time on the stage (both times). A first I was a bit surprised, because I didn’t got that tingeling feeling, when you don’t know if you’re scared or just thrilled… I was just so cool and ready to go. And there were those 2 seconds of silence before our music started … and i heard my hart go:’Tudum…tudum’… the best feeling in the world.
    So, there was 8 groups in the final – and I must confess, I didn’t see tham all. I saw another slovenian dance group from Urška- they were dancing the story of American Life (Britney Spears story) – and I thought it was great. They got second place. I saw a part of the winning number – from Czech republik … well, they were different. They had some darkerish, vampirish, thillerish theme… I really didn’t see the whole number, so…
    I really do not know much about how the scoring system works and i don’t care that much about it, but we got the weirdest marks ever. Not just us… but all in all, we got the third place and we are really happy. I am super happy. Beeing able to dance with so many great dancers is really something special. And our teacher – Željko Božič is just the best teacher I have ever had. It has always been my dream to be a real dancer… and I got into dance ‘rather’ late :c), but I’m having time of my life. I guess now I can safely say: I AM A DANCER.
    Thanks hun for cheering for us and beeing just the best friend one can have…
    Luv ya

  • Irena Pfundner says:

    Ooohhh… how sweet 🙂 🙂
    Of course you are a dancer.. you know the saying,.. ‘if you have a body..’ 😉
    I’m happy for you. Keep on and don’t let anyone stop you. You know mr. Tony Stone. At what age did he start dancin? And where is he now?
    Nothing is impossible.. 😉

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