Briljantina was awesome – Luka killed it :)

December 9, 2008 § Leave a comment

I guess I’m full of pride these days, cause my friends are being so good and successful in the world of showbusiness and dance. I just returned from the show Briljantina – Slovene version of the musical Greace – and I honestly think the play is amaaaziiiiing. The Slovene lyrics totally work, the scenography, the voices, the acting and of course dancing are brilliant. It is a very dynamic, energetic, funny and expressive performance, with a very good cast! I know you might think I’m being subjective here, but even if I didn’t know anyone, I would see great potential in this young actors/dancers/singers.
A dear friend, and dance and aerobic partner at one point, Luka Markus Štajer, played the lead role in the musical and I can only congratulate him. I think the character resembled his real-life appearance a lot :), therefore he was an excellent choice. He sang good, danced good and acted good. Congrats Luka – you’re the best! Mojca Horvat was the choreographer and director of the musical and she did good as well. It is true, the venue – Hala Tivoli – is not really THE place for musicals (the audience is sitting on ice and the acoustics is not really there), but I’m sure the 5.000 crowd covers for that 😉 So, I’m really looking forward to future projects like that. I hope artists will get inspired and bring more musicals to Slovenia. We loovee musicals! 🙂



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