Valentine’s Salsa and Disco Party

February 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

14th of February.. ahhh… the red, the sweet, the mooshy… Paradise for gift stores… and great excuse to party 🙂 The “in-love Saturday” was celebrated in a completely new venue for salsa parties – Gospodarsko razstavišče. That is one huge place, where probably for the first time, noone could say it was too crowdy 😉 Buba gave us two floors, one with salsa rhytms and one in disco spirit. That is why some outsiders joined the party as well – which is a good thing of course!
As usual big salsa parties give us exciting show program and this one was no different. We saw 5 shows, which you can see in this short clip (shows are a bit cropped, since I had to squeeze them in 10 minutes only) 🙂

It was great seeing the disco-salsa performance on a salsa stage finally (great job guys – especially the newcomers to Buba Show Team); I’m happy to see kizomba slowly reaching Slovenia (though this was the first time I saw it done coupleless); Donia and girls from Croatia – hats down (boy were you synchronized); La Luna is getting better and better with each show they make and those sexy oriental dancers… uh,.. hot’n’spicy.. as always 🙂
And a big thank you to Tjaša for the clips. Great angle 🙂

Salsa Power edition will continue with party spirit in Spring, when Salsa Flower Party shall take place. But we’ll write about that some other time. 🙂

Now go put on a costume and go party!! We have to chase this winter away…


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