Kizomba seminar in Belgrade… hear it from first hand

February 25, 2009 § 1 Comment

I’m sure you remember that nice interview we had with Benjamim Nande a while ago. I guess he really is one of those people who love their work – he loves to dance, loves to teach, loves to live. All people who attended 2nd salsa and kizomba seminar in Belgrade noticed that. To tell you how it was and how people felt there, I’ve managed to get a nice statement from the organizer of the seminar, Jasna Kovačević. She’s a great person, who, like Benjamim, loves kizomba and wants to spread that love around the world. Along with her statement you can see a short clip with impressions from there. So just sit down, breath in and try to feel kizomba … 🙂

Jasna Kovačević, Belgrade:
“Today, two weeks after the seminar, I can sum it up for you. You asked how the workshop went… In one word: Fantastic! It actually turned out to be a quite big, international seminar, with a lot of people coming outside of Belgrade. It was like a mini congress.

In total we counted 80 people, only half of them came from Belgrade. The rest were from Nis, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and we even had two guests from Slovenia. So, kizomba is slowly reaching your country as well, which is a nice thing to know, isn’t it? 😉 To tell you the truth, when I started organizing this, I didn’t imagine so many people will come, especially not from far away. Not that Slovenia is so far, but there are costs and time connected with this kind of travel. But, I believe it was worth it. By what I heard later, impressions are all great.

I guess you’re wondering, what went on during those 3 days Benjamim spent in Belgrade? First, having in mind Benjamim’s fascination with salsa music, we organized one extra class on friday night, where Benjamim played a lot of interesting music and explained it’s roots. That is how this weekend started. That was followed by 6 hours of kizomba, 4 hours of salsa and we even had one extra class of bachata. To teach bachata I invited one local couple of teachers. People loved their class, and learned what is the difference between kizomba and bachata. Real different once you put them one next to another.

I don’t want to praise the seminar too much… of course there were some negative sides of it as well… The only problematic part was that there were so many different levels of dancers which made the job for Benjamim real hard in teaching salsa part. We had some salsa teachers there, and some people who started dancing salsa just recently, both cuban and LA style. But, in a way everyone got something new there and had fun. At least kizomba was almost new to everyone, except to the group of my students. 🙂

The most important thing, however, was that people really learned a lot about kizomba, a lot of steps, a lot of movements, got the basic right and at the end they could all dance with the music with a nice set of steps. And most of all they enjoyed it! I’m getting, still, all kinds of nice reviews and thank yous for organizing this and it really feels great. I see I will have to repeat this again, and next time I expect you to come as well 😉

With a bunch of video material we had after the weekend we made a short video with some interesting sequences that show how good this weekend really was. So, I’ll stop talking now and let you see the video..




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  • Milan Stosic says:

    Since I’m Jasna’s friend from Nis, and one of 13 people from this city who came to this workshops, I must say that we’re really satisfied with Benjamim and Jasna’s classes and now we dance kizomba even more than we did it before.

    The best part of all workshops was “hanging around” with people who came from countries other than Serbia – Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia.

    I must say that I got a feeling that all people from ex SFRJ were there, dancing kizomba and salsa as one nation!

    Best wishes to Jasna and Benjamim and keep up the good work!

    Milan Stosic

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