She’s living a dream now

April 21, 2009 § Leave a comment

WOW… I’ve heard it from a couple of people by now.. there was this surprisingly good singer on Britain’s got talent. Heard the whole story.. knew exactly how it went, how the crowd and the jury was surprised.. So when I finally got the link to the clip, I was like.. Ok, let’s see it, eventhough I already know how it went.
Boy was I surprised! I got chicken skin and a teary eye. What a voice!!! Beautiful, inspirational, stunning!

Congratulations Susan Boyle. And well, like Amanda said, the biggest wakeup call to people. They were so judgemental, almost prejudice. But everyone has some kind of a talent… The sad thing is we believe, it takes a beautiful young model to become a singer. But the talent doesn’t have to be so big. Fame is not a talent… I’m sure some celebrities would say it’s rather a curse. More, a talent is your unique ability, in which you are good at. It can be small and seem insignificant, but sooner or later it will come in handy. You can be good in listening people, reading mind, gardening, baking bread or anything else. Or you can have a great arty talent of singing, drawing, dancing… but that doesn’t have to be hidden in a nice fresh pachage. I believe the ones that are not produced by Hollywood are more sincere, honest and you can feel the origin of their talent is really.. a dream! 🙂
So, live your dream and remember it’s not necessary to dream unreachable dreams. 🙂


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