Salsa Flower Power + first choreography act :)

May 26, 2009 § Leave a comment

Well, once more… it was a great weekend! We spent it with two newcomers on our festivals: Fadi Hamdani (Fadi Dancefusion) and Vedran Marčeta. They both were great and taught us some new stuff (like bachango or cuban salsa with hiphop flavour, along with some crazy tricks and bodymoves). Bachango is a mixture of bachata and tango, so I finally got a chance to learn a few basic tango steps. (I always find an excuse of not having enough time for tango classes, so this time, luckily, they were just given to me 😉 ). I simply loooooove tango and seeing Vedran and Samra perform was a complete shocker. Finding out that the girl is dancing only 6 months took my shoes of!!! Seriously impressive and great show.
The other isntructor was Fadi, who I met on a couple of congresses already and liked his work instantly. He has a great talent for musicality, great bodymovement and great desire to dance and perform. Which is probably the reason, why he performed two shows 🙂 The new one is a bomb!! Unfortunatelly I didn’t catch it on a tape but all others are in the futuring clip!
I am mostly proud of Buba’s social dancers. This was the first routine, where I was asked to choreograph and it seemed quite challenging at the beginning. But I think it turned out very cool. Now we’re all preparing intensivly for the Salsa Power festival in October. To reassure everybody: Dulce Lcoura is not asleep – we will be performing there! Though it seems hard to do a good show with the majority of brilliant performances we see lately. 🙂 I’m happy dance is growing and so many people want to learn and do it! 🙂
Now lay back and enjoy the clip from last Saturday:


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