Concert Psychology

May 29, 2009 § Leave a comment

This sounds like a book title, doesn’t it 😉 Well, I’m still under impression of yesterday’s concert (which was obviously great and fed my soul very pleasantly). During those 3 hours o romantic songs, some jokes, guest performances, suprises etc. I started looking at the crowd and thought about how this works.
Did you ever notice, that there are certain rules of behaviour on a concert, certain things that happen over and over again and that are completely unanimous to all people. Nobody complains about those things, they all just do it. But if you look at that from apart, it might seem a bit funny.

1. Long queue
People tend NOT to be late for the concerts. But the artists NEVER start on time. Despite being aware of that fact, people still wait in lines and squeeze in front of the entrance (even where there is a sitting arrangement and enough room for everybody).

2. Group cheer
There exists a typical cheer which is common to all mass audience activities (so including sports matches, various shows etc.). It is the most simple sound anyone can produce: an uncontroled scream! 🙂

3. Cue moments
There are always some moments where it is almost obliged for the crowd to scream. And the funny part is, they do it like as if they wanted it by themselves. This moments include:
– first enter of the artist (on the stage)
– first beats of the song everybody knows (eventhought the song is getting irritating, on a concert it is always good; per example: I would probably scream on The killer’s song Human, which otherwise irritates me severly). These first beat’s moment can also be replaced with the moment, when people figure out which song the artist is performing anyway.
– moment when the artist raises the voice or arms which is like a message for the people to scream
– bis bis moments at the end

4. Singing, just not right
Hehe, this one is the funniest. Of course everybody sings the famous tunes, they know the lyrics by heart, but sometimes they mix them up. And most of the times they speed while singing. So the crowd is always one step (a few words) ahead of the artist on the stage. Do you think eventually that becomes irritating to the artist? 😉 The crowd is actually ruining their act and they do it each and every time!! 😉

5. Hugging kissing or dancing
on a certain moments 🙂 When the song is slow and romantic all couples squeeze together and flow above the ground (even those angry guys who were forced to go on a concert, just because their wife let them see a fotball match a day before). When the artist says we’re gonna dance now – people dance. We’re gonna do a mexican wave now – people do a mexican wave. When the artist wants to make a joke – people laugh. When he says the concert is over – people leave. Wow, what a power it is, to be on that stage. Without any war needed, it’s just about making people happy 🙂 😉

I guess concerts are one of those things, which you pay for (the amounts are not the lowest) and maybe enjoy so much just because of that fact. You can always buy a CD of the same artist or legaly download some music, but you will never act the same as on the concert.So it is kinda funny, but on the other hand it is also great, it conncects people, relaxes them, destress etc.

Keep having fun on concerts! 🙂


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