What an amaaazing start of the SYTYCD Season 5 shows!!

June 12, 2009 § Leave a comment

Wow, wow, wow… I’m just so hype rite now… Oh my god is what I can say for the first Top 20 show of So you think you can dance Season 5. The show started with Napoleon&Tabatha’s choreography – which was that Bleeding love format of a show. Wow wow wow! Very beautiful, fluid, tight,… simply gorgeous. Another shocker was Bollywood. I say yeah for that. Loooveeeeed the routine! The contemporary routine… And just when I thought the show cannot get better than that, I was shocked again. When Adam Shankman didn’t know what to say but hold his head, when Mary Murphy lost her voice and Nigel took the headphones out… What an amazing samba routine!! Two ballroom dancers could hardly do it so good. But here, we had a girl who never did ballroom before. It’s really hard to believe that. How can you never do a ballroom technique and dance like that?!! I think I will see this show a couple of hundred times again till next Thursday 🙂 I’m so happy the show started and I’m sorry for all the excitement, but it was soooo peepin’ good!!
Here’s the samba routine:

I think this is the beginning of the beautiful new season! 🙂    🙂

I get chilles at the end of the routine… sooooo good!


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