Michael Jackson and his life

June 26, 2009 § Leave a comment

Tonight a news on Michael Jackson‘s death came out. Despite all knowing facts, stories and affairs it is only fair to say he really was the king of pop and he did an important break-through and progress in the world of music and dancing.

I remember my youth, when I was still taking some dance lessons and MTV was getting so popular. It was a cool and trendy thing to do – watch MTV and know all the songs and video spots by heart. Well, Michael Jackson was always among them, having some really really cool No. 1 hits and spots. So separating personal and private life experience I am giving him all the credit to bringing the dance and music world on a higher level and making the broad public acknowledge it more than ever. It can easily be said there were a few people in the histoy who made that evident progress happen. Like Fred and Ginger made one step and will always be quoted among the choreogrphers, will Michael Jacskon be. He was an icon for a while and I imagine that is quite a pressure for one human being. That is only a small justification for messing some thing up in the private sector. It shouldn’t be an excuse of course, but it shouldn’t take away from his work either.

I think he will always be remembered upon a few very individual traits: the moonwalk, grabbing of his ‘essentials’, white socks, interestings ‘yawns’ produced while singing and some really really inteligent, markable and story-telling wakeup calls in his songs.

This was the song which made the biggest influence on me, when I first heard it:

Thank you MJ for what you have given us and may your soul rest in peace …..


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