Fashion show or beauty contest? ;)

July 3, 2009 § Leave a comment

I watched the top 7 couples perform at Season 5 of So you think you can dance reality show and I can’t say there were any not-good numbers, not even semi-good!! Everything these guys do is just brilliant. What Brandon did in cha-cha is an OMG. He had those legs under control .. and the posture, attitude, facial expression… everything veeeeery ballroom like. I don’t believe Janette had only salsa training, cause I doubt salsa can give you all the technique this girl has 😉
I also loved seeing the Romeo and Juliet’s ballet story… beautiful… But watching the whole show it came to my notion, in which way the choreographers are going. It seems as if they are entering a whole new wicked, twisted, wierdly creative era, where dancing really is becoming performance but the dancers are turning into models for creators. Mostly, this refers to choreographers like Sonya, Brian etc. who are talking about death, aliens and other creepy stuff. Don’t get me wrong, the ideas are superbrilliant, amazingly clever and new but I’m slightly afraid this show will turn into a parade of choreographers not of dancers. Again it reminds me of a fashion show, where models need to be perfectly shaped so that every dress fits them, but they don’t stand out more than a dress itself. Like in So you think can dance show this dancers have to be perfectly trained to do any style the choreographers throw at them. I’m no expert in this show, but I got a feeling it should be a show about america’s dancers, a show where ignorant non-dancing people decide on who looks best on the stage, who gives out the best energy, who makes the biggest progress throughout the show, who they like the most. But with this strange, dark concepts, bizzare costumes and black make-up, the true beauty of individual dancer gets a bit hidden away. One does not notice the dancer anymore, he notices the story he is telling.
This story telling is, however, my favorite part of the dancing, because I see it as the best possible way of sending out messages, better than text, movie or music, cause it includes more emotions, seems more real and beliavable. What I am trying to say is, the dancers might get ripped of on the show, cause a beautiful girl with dark lipstick can’t look as a beautiful as a ballerina – every little girls dream come true. It’s harder to win people over I think, eventhough the ballerina and the black girl are equally good, talented and trained dancers. So I sincerely hope the people who vote for the dancers do realize they are judging on their dancing, on their improvement throughout the season, on the ability to adopt to any genre and their personalities. Imagine you are on a fashion show or on a beauty pedgant. On one you watch creations on the second you critique the girls. I think this show should be about Mr. and Miss of the dancing world, not the best creation.
I hope Kaitlin and Jason won’t be in a bottom 3 again, I hope America sees what quality Cayla has, I hope people were watching the sweetness of Jeanine and Philips and not just the chain that connected them.
But still,… this must be my all time favourite show.. the dancing anthem. thank you Nigel and Simon for making it happen and keep up the good work!! 🙂 🙂


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