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July 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

Naturally I paid some attention to last night’s ceremonial – the Michael Jackson memorial. It was a beautiful celebration of his life, his work and his great influence on basically the whole world. No questions about whether he deserved it or not, he was the king of pop, he had the most universal music, which all generations, races and genders liked and he was a fighter for human rights.
The whole ceremony was very emotional, with a couple of heartbreaking moments. The first ‘horreautiful’ moment was bringing the 14-karat golden casket in front of the stage in Los Angeles Stapels Center. Having him there made the whole happening even more emotional and brought even more tears to the eyes. Next teary-eyed moments followed with the speeches and performances. Mariah Carey sang beautifully and ended with an emotional “we will miss you”, I loved the performances from Stevie Wonder, who said he wished he’d not live long enough to live this moment, Brooke Shields came up on the stage obviously touched and sad, sharing some of the most private moments of their joined life…. Then there was Usher’s performance. Apparently he believes he would not be, where he is now, if it was not for Michael Jackson. He sang his song “Gone to soon”, cried while singing, walked towards the casket and touched it at the end of the song. All speakers and performers paid respect to the members of his family, to all Jackson brothers, sisters, children, parents etc. All the brothers wore one of MJ’s glove, sunglasses and yellow tie. The glove was the most representative symbol of this memorial I think, even people around the world, watching the live showing of memorial in the city centers across the world, wore it.
If one was not touched by now, the ending surely was the moment to break down. All performers came up on the stage and sang We are the world. Veeeery beautiful, touching, cause it had more than one message attached. Primer naturally was a tribute to MJ’s greatest hit and the other was a tribute to his fight for human rights and promotion of this in general. The song was followed by my favorite Heal the world.
I’m sure everybody was on the verge of crying by then, if not heavily crying already… but that was not the end. Members of the family said their last respect, last of them being Michael’s little daughter saying: “From the day I was born, daddy was the best father to me.” Well, no need to say more here, it was simply …… heartbreaking.
When performers left the stage, there was only one thing left – a microphone. A tool, which was his second hand, a tool which ruled his life, a tool which made and killed him, a tool which was probably his best friend and worst enemy. But now, this tool was left alone. It was only microphone on the stage and the white stage-light pointed at him. In the background only instrumental music played and it was one of the most powerful moments of the memorial. Michael in his best years was remembered as the long-haired guy, wearing black suite, white shirt and white socks, surrounded by white fog and light by sheaf of light.  This was the same image, but missing to essential things – his voice and posture.
As many said, it is funny he gave the biggest concert after his death, since hundreds of thousands of people wanted to attend the memorial and millions across the world watched live airing of it. And it is funny how everybody forgot all the affairs Michael had in the past years – he was relived as a star and marked as one of the biggest pop stars in history. Many generations will remember him and will still be his fans. The record sales went up again, he has best selling CDs all over the world. But it is always the case, that people get their peek in fame after they’re gone. Thank god he was appreciated during his life as well.
This memorial was beautiful, touching, but we have to admit it was done for the people, not just for Michael, it was produced in American pathetic mode, like they best can do it, cause this is what people like to watch. A lot of emotions were shared last night, a lot of people opened up, which is never a bad thing, and America created the most viewed low budget event. But it was worth it…  and hopefully he saw it! 🙂


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