Brilliant dance about the breast cancer

July 24, 2009 § Leave a comment

It’s hard even to title the article this way. But I was encouraged and glad somebody spoke out loud about that… even through dance! Emotions definitely stole last night. To make a routine about breast cancer is not something that anyone could or would want to do. It’s a very sensitive subject, so if you go and decide do it, you better do it well. You can’t do such a sensitive subject and ruin it by bad interpretation or dancing. So it’s very responsible and very hard to do. But when it’s done well, then it steals the night. I agreed with Nigel, the first half of last night performance show of Top 8 dancers on So you think you can dance reality show, was a little under our expectations (a lot of ballroom I guess, with no easy routines!!). But the second half met all of our expectations. The peek of all being Tyce Diorio‘s contemporary peace… very touching, very emotional, very real, very well danced and very well remembered. We’re used to see Tyce do Broadway or jazz routines. Only few times he did contemporary. But when he did it, he got an Emmy nomination 🙂 (that was the “Why” routine, performed by Allison and Ivan in the Season 2).
I think he always makes us cry when he does a contemporary peace. Yesterday Mellisa and Ade played the role of a woman suffering from breast cancer and her friend trying to help her and be beside her at any time. It was so heart-breaking and really just so real! The dancing spoke about the pain and the struggle of this woman and her friend feeling helpless, yet trying to be there whenever he could do something. So Ade was catching her, holding her, lifting her, encouraging her and being the best friend possible. Mellisa knew she was not alone, yet she also knew she was fighting an almost lost battle. What a strong message that was. And everything was topped with the outfits. Mellisa’s covered head and pale colours of the plain dress. I was in tears, Nigel had to turn around and weep, Mia broke down remembering her father, the entire audience was in tears, including the storyteller, Tyce Diorio.
I respect and encourage that this kind of themes get a place in the dancing routines.
We can’t even imagine how many people suffer from this pain and struggle to extend their lives. And how many people suffer and morn with them. It’s cruel, yet it’s a part of our lives as well. I know there’s many of you out there, but I would personally like to dedicate this article, this thoughts and the brilliant routine to two of my very dear friends Janja and Mojca. I know you’ll be in a flood of tears watching this routine, but the purpose is not to make you cry , it’s to let you know there’s a lot of Ades out there. I know, you know and feel that, so let this routine bring you warmth, nice memories and courage. Both girls are angels on this world and it’s not fair what they had to go through. But it certainly shows, they got out stronger and with such a human touch, that barely anyone can possess. I love you girls. This is a story about the beautiful world that still surrounds you and of nice memories which can always fill your heart and soul. You are angels on this planet and you have angels up there…

Since embedding of this clips usually doesn’t work, you might not be able to play it from this blog. Click here to see the clip on Youtube.

Like Melissa very well put it, this was not about them and their technique… no one could judge that.. It was unquestionably good, but the story was stronger. So I will skip the judging comments this time and not comment on any other routines. All Top 8 dancers are brilliant, but last night one thing really stood out – and that was the message. I am thankful that the dance is being used as a great tool of storytelling. Thank you Tyce for this.


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