So who do I think can dance?

July 31, 2009 § Leave a comment

Before I go and see the elimination round I want to speak about this top 6 dancers of sytycd. They are all really just brilliant. I can’t believe how good they all are. I think they are so good, they lifted our expectations to an unimaginable level. Noone really thinks that someone could mess up a routine anymore (which, let’s admit, would be completely human) or that someone can’t get a different style of dance in just a couple of hours. That seems a bit cruel. But how else can we decide on who is the best of the best. Nigel is right (again), we started judging them on choreography and that’s because they all dance everything they are given flawless. And we start picking on small things or their outlook. Really, how cruel is that?!

Bottom line, they are all brilliant. And I do not know who to pick:
Ade: the gentle giant; perfect technique; seems like a great personality; obviously an incredible partner, which all girls trust completely.
Brandon: has anyone ever got a standing ovation for a solo? I don’t think so. He was misinterpreted in the beginning but he is an INCREDIBLE dancer! Such strength, such technique, such devotion. Veeery powerful dancer.
Evan: hehe, he’s very unique. I didn’t like him in the first few shows. Though he did good, he kinda didn’t match all others. But I think he grew as a dancer and people got to like him. He is more of a Benji type of dancer, not as flawless or universal, but has a great personality.
Kayla: no need to say – that girl does EVERYTHING perfect. Damn… really beautiful lines, strong, though she looks tiny and very Barbylike look (but in a good way).
Jeanine: little fire of sparks (whatever that could mean). She is hot, she is cute, she is strong, she is universal, I think LilC really fancies her ;). Well I already proclaimed her as my favorite once, so that probably says it all.
Melissa: I loooove her. And the best of her qualities, which noone else poseses is her maturity. All dancers in this competition are usually young, but she is mature, she understands the world and life and that can be seen on the dancefloor. Obviously the ballet gave her all she needs fo to be qualified as a perfect dancer.

Who to pick? I still don’t know. I somehow wish it would be a girl this year. Cause I kinda think the girls stand out more this year. If I had to choose among guys, I guess it would be Brandon. But among girls.. phew.. It’s a hard one. Kayla is missing something in personality part, but she is such a quality dancer it makes up for that. Jeanine is so cute and energetic, hot and sexy, and good. And Melissa. Well, honestly I would like her to win, but I’m afraid I could ei a bit biased, because that Tyce’s routine really became memorable, so it could influence my decision (which it shouldn’t).

I don’t know.. help me out 🙂 Can they all win? Please.. 🙂 🙂


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