I’m pleased, yes I am

August 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

Jeanine Mason. The little cuty, the great technician, great energy, a little sparkly spark, which was (in my opinion) a little bit fancied by Lil C.  😉 I was on the edge, cause the finale week of SYTYCD was also my vacation week. So I had to wait a couple of days to see the show and results, but I think justice was served. As much as it was posible I guess. It’s completely hard to say who really really deserved the title, but the goal was to find the favourite dancer not the best dancer. So in that regard I understand why Evan made it all the way to the finale and I agree Jeanine was the best of the best. Brandon was equally good, but Jeanine peeked right at the end and got a hold of a lot of hearts. I think Evan and Brandon did that earlier already (Evan with the judgmentes on his looks and Brandon with the ‘strict’ Mia story), so their time already passed, but Jeanine came out right at the end. Her last performances were just briliant. Along with some others. If you just look at how many dances she had to dance in the last show – one could say she had the highest number of best routines. And she really could do any style. In this show she appeared like a great personality, which can only be added to other qualities. Here’s one of her first interviews after the victory:

There was not much said about her health issues. The last year and a half wasn’t nice to her, but look at where she is now 🙂 I’m happy this wasn’t stressed too much, so it would play on the simpathy achords of the audience. She really won the titlewith her dancing.
It’s only fair to say Kayla was equally good dancer. My god, where those legs went sometimes. But I feel, she was missing the personality and warmth factor. She was dancing in her own world, loving that world, loving exploring and learning new things and growing within herself. Nobody could deny her quality, she is simply superb, but she didn’t manage to catch the hearts. She did not dance to the audience. Jeanine made the connection with them better than Kayla. It’s a small thing I guess, but obviously very significant, when quality of dancing gets so high. Congrats to Jeanine!! She was my favorite too. But the whole top 20 can dance. No doubt about it…

Otherwise… The Kodak theatre. Dear lord. I can only dream and wish to make an event like that sometime. It was huuuuge and looked veeeery expensive. 😉


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