SYTYCD Canada is ON!!!

September 3, 2009 § Leave a comment

Seeing the American version (or let’s rather say original) for five seasons in a row it makes you a bit spoiled. All you see from the American dancers is pure perfection, so one becomes very critical. So was I, seeing the 2nd season of Canadian version of So you think you can dance reality show. If I look back it might resemble the 1st or 2nd season of american original as well. There were some good numbers and quality dancers, but overall we saw quite a few mistakes on the stage; we saw fear and insecurity; and we saw some pretty crapy criticisms. Let’s be fair. The americans say it like it is, the Canadians say it to motivate and inspire. I’m not saying everything was soooo bad, I’m just saying it was not as good as we got used to. I saw some shaky legs, missed lifts, missing technique…. and a lot of ballroom!! The US show has a lot of contemporary (I guess Mia might have sth to do with that), thus Canadian show has a lot of ballroom (I guess Jean Marc might have sth to do with that) ;). And ballroom is not easy for a ballet dancer per example. Anyways, I really enjoyed the African jazz routine and Stacey’s contemporary peace. It was interesting to see capoiera show, but other than that I was not jumping up and down. Which won’t make me stop watching of course. 🙂 I think all this dancers will grow during the show and by the time we reach finale, I think there will be some awesome dancers on that stage. Can’t wait to see that.
I tried to find an up-to-date link on youtube, but was not able unfortunatelly, so for now I’m only adding a part of Top 20 results night with some nice solos.


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