Is SYTYCD becoming a reality pageant?

November 3, 2009 § Leave a comment

Finally I’m up to date with 6th season of So you think you can dance (the US version). It blew me away when I saw the first show, when Top 20 performed in their own styles. It was hard to imagine the quality could get even better and that this quality can be versitile as well. What makes the show so extraordinary this year though is the Kodak theatre. I was blown away at last season’s finale, but this time the whole season is shot there! OMG! It really is an OMG for an event manager by proffesion 🙂 I can only dream of making an event in this kind of studio, with that kind of equipment, with every weeks trailers, huge displays, lighting and ecellent directing of all. This people really know how to make a show, so it always looks extravagant. Just look at this clip:

I know the dancers and choreography are good, but did you see the disco lights and that pointed black&white image at the very end?! Chicken skin all over… 🙂

I won’t be commenting on talents yet. Cause I don’t know them well… yet. I saw some great technicians and some great performers, but it’s too soon to pick favorites yet 🙂 I did notice that Billy guy was aweeeesome, but unfotunatelly he won’t participate in the show due to some heath problems. They sounded pretty misterious about that. I don’t even know what’s with all this injuries this year? Two contestants are out, Mia Michaels injuried her back severly in Canadian show?! And the clip they showed in Top 20 Episode… everybody brused, sprained, broken… You’ve got to take care of yourselves people… You’ve got a long time to live before you get old!
Now, since I’ve mentioned Canadian show…. I also saw the results show from that region. Which was (again) very ballroom-like… That Jean-Marc, influencing the show severly… 🙂 It’s contemporary in US and ballroom in Canada… If it was here, it would be hiphop probably 🙂
Anyways, Canadian people picked their favorite dancer and yes, the girl is good, is cute and has the star quality and potential. But what I found really interesting, and was starting to annoy me, were those interviews with all the lost contestants. I mean, c’mon… Would you please stop asking them those “What did this experience mean to you?” questions. There’s not much they can say to that… And they keep repeating one another… “this experience meant so much more to me… I grew, not only as a dancer, but as a person…” blah, blah… It’s like the “World peace sentence” on beauty pegeants. Getting annoying, sorry. Plus all those people are just crying when they get kicked out of  the show, why don’t they just let them in peace? World peace 🙂 🙂

Still worth seeing though… this was another eye-drewer for me…. and chill&thrill factor:


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