The dreadful salsa on SYTYCD

November 15, 2009 § Leave a comment

I’m sorry to say so, but yes, the salsa that Mollee and Nathan performed was absolutely dreadful! Horrible, feelingless, sexyless, hotless, musicless, hopeless. I know very well Mollee is Adam’s favorite and I was astonished seeing them dance up untill this week. They have great technique and did some good performances by now… but salsa was faaaaaaaaaaaar away from that. My guess is, that proves two things:
– first, it’s not easy to learn salsa in 3 days, get the right feel and motion of it
– second, you got to be a mature person to really get it

I think it really showed that this guys are just to young for the show. Because we often hear the dancers need to show a certain amount of maturity, but these two really don’t. They’re cute and adorable, which shouldn’t really work here.

But to my great surprise, shock almost, they got through! They got through without bottom 3! That was completely unfair. They fairly deserved that bottom position this week, everybody thought so, but what do you know… the teenagers are the main voters of the show… and they like them… or him. Eh… not fair. I’m still not liking this season so much. I think it’s fair to say it’s not as good as the previous was. But there’s still time for improvement 🙂

I’m not sure if it’s worth showing this.. but maybe, just to see what I really mean by the above description: 😉

I liked the disco, contemporary and african jazz routines though. Especially the latter!! Awesome stuff:


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