Slovenian show dancing tops the world

December 2, 2009 § Leave a comment

German city, Ries, turned into a metropol of show dancing for a couple of days. All the world’s best jazz dancers, show groups, couples and individuals competed on the highest level – for the World championship titles. And once again Slovenian dancers won all that can be won. They went home as the most successful dancing nation and Kazina as the most successful school of dancing. They brought home 6 golden, 2 silver and 8 bronze medals. A really great achievment, hats down. 🙂 🙂

As slovenian journalist and dancer, Jakob Kapus, describes it, the winning shows were all in the atmosphere of this year’s recession and depression. Winning stories were all about murder, suicide, pointing guns etc. But I think it usually works better when the stories are sad and about problems, compared to those which are cheerful, happy and seem very unreal. The effect that a story has on people is mostly emotional, so chorographers have to play on their emotions. And how to evoke emotions – by showing cruelty, sadness, desperation. Negative emotions seem to have greater effect than positive, so yeah… those stories work better. Plus people are shaped so they like watching other peoples tragedies. It has been so from ever and it will obviously remain that way. I don’t consider myself any different. I too like to watch this sad stories, strong reality stories, problems from real life and I like to put those stories in my dancing as well. I guess we like to see we’re not the only ones with problems and there are other people going through the same things? We’re never alone and the destiny is not playing with us only. It’s nice when this stories (in dancing) finish in an optimistic way though, giving us hope that there’s always a light on the end of each tunnel. Relighting the candle of hope.
Dancing gives out messages. And the messages are always real, from the heart and for the people. That’s why we love dancing. 🙂 🙂

Congratulations again to Slovenian dancers and choreographers. Mitja Popovskl obviously did a great job… like always.

You can watch some clips from the competition here.


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