The LXD – a new dance drug?

February 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Metaphorically speaking of course. This so called Legion of extraordinary dancers is making a huge PR and promo campaign. We were being teased by it long before it was even supposed to launch and we are slowly getting anxious… Up until now I’ve gathered, this will be the first on-line dance show (or reality show even) and that really brilliant dancers are working on it. I first saw it (and of course imediatelly wrote about it) on the 6th season of SYTYCD show. After that the LXD crew performed as the opening routine on the Ellen’s even bigger, really big show, which in my opinion is one of the best openings we have ever seen:

I love it! Fresh, free, joyful…

Lately I’ve heard they performed on TED conference (the clip I’m still waiting for, yet we have some photos) and before that on Youtube Live, which was another winner:

I’ve noticed a couple of familiar faces by now. Legacy from last SYTYCD season and Lil’C, the world’s renown and excellent krumper. The creator and director of the show is Jon Chu, also known as the director of Step up movies.

Obviously the names and the promo campaign clips promise this to be a quality thing. And since it’s suppose to be some kind of on-line series, I’m putting it in the ‘possibly drug category’.

2010 is here people! Can we please start this show?! 🙂


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