My “Nine” favorite quotes

April 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’ve been waiting anxiously to see the “Nine” musical. Finally it came on torrents and pleased me. It pleased me in esthetics, beautiful frames, amazing cast and simple entrtainment without a deep social problematic story. OK, I know there was a plot, a very classical musical plot, sort of a Moulin Rouge  or Chicago type of story with crazy director, lots of sexy underdressed women but simple goal – to entertain. Sometimes that really is just what a movie should do! 🙂

My top nine quotes from the movie
“I love your work. Every frame is like a photography.”
My nr. 1 quote from the movie. Cause it reflects what I thought about the movie. Beautiful, esthetic, great composition and lighting in each frame.
“Thank you for telling me I’m not special.”
A revelation of an artists incapability to love and respect only one woman. The naive thinking is lost. The wife is hurt, from which she gains strength to finally leave him.
“Why not think of something amusing. With singing and dancing. God knows, we could use a little joie de vivre.”
I think the first goal of making movies was to entertain… and after that something went wrong I guess 😉 Movies became a mirrored image of our society. They were no longer dreams. So it’s nice to see a fun, entertaining movie from time to time.
“Movies are dreams. You kill them by writing it down…”
We all know an idea is very subjective. Maestro sees it in his head, but it’s hard to put it on screen as seen. Every actor sees it differently, every costume designer sees it with his own eyes. It’s like reading a book and seeing a movie afterwards. The images are never the same.
Sometimes in the editing room a miracle happens, when you place one image after another, so that when audience sits in the dark, if you’re very lucky, the dream flickers back to life again.”
It’s hard to please people and different tastes of course, but if you’re lucky… 😉
“I told my wife, that I will never make love to the lead actor again.”
The movie is full of witty answers, a great example of how to say much about you doing nothing, about how not to admit you have nothing, but portray it like it is something grand.
“Films are not modest. They cost too much, they take too long and they include to many people. They should have grand titles.”
And so maybe they shouldn’t be subject to so many critics? 🙂
“Maestro only has to answer yes or no questions. It’s directing.”
A cynical portrait of the moviemakers work. Of course it’s not that simple, but sometimes one has to look from another perspective – from the simpler perspective.

My favorite scenes
An absolute winner for me is a scene where the wife of maestro, Luisa, sings and describes the line of work her maestro does. A last dinner image, shot like a perfect painting. This is the beginning of it:

A most desirable, pleasure for the eyes is probably the catwalk latin inspired routine with Kate Hudson:

And the official Furgie track: Be Italian:

Awesome job Rob Marshall!!!


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