I’m back!! :)

September 21, 2010 § 2 Comments

OMG, it’s been so long since I wrote something! I hate when people start their blog posts with this type of sentences, but somehow you just have to apologize to all those who actually might read your blog on a frequent basis (ok not frequent, but at least come back once in a while). Let’s see what happened to me… First I got pregnant! Yeey! And then I got married! Another Yeey! The latter thing takes a lot of your spare time and the first thing unfortunately takes away your moving abilities. For me this means no dancing and no aerobics. Crap, I know! But when you think about this little wonder of life growing inside of you, there’s absolutely no problem to take a break. And actually reset yourself.
Well, the third thing that happened was, that I lost my job in this up-side-down life situation (we’ve all heard about the lousy recession excuses right?). Anyways, this fact completely devalues all my excuses for not writting anymore. So I’m back now. With my salsa, so you think you can dance, aerobic and other wisdoms. Beware people! 😉

P.S.: I think I should thank Spela P. for not knowingly kicking my but and reminding me about my blog. She just discovered she is a salsacholic and I remembered one of my ooooold posts on this topic, which was very fun to read 🙂 And it was so funny to see, the man in that picture, was just a salsa acquaintance back then, who liked to read my blog (there were obviosuly so many I knew them all personally 😉 ) … but now, he’s the love of my life, my dearest sweetest husband and a very promising father to-be. Talk about some good salsa side-effects 😉 😉 If you care or dear to read it, here it is.

Hugs to all! I missed you too! 🙂


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