Simona Atzori – an inspiration

November 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

Simona Atzori is a young woman who was born with no arms. Yes, without either of the two! And apparently she is living a very happy and rich life. She loves to dance and she is extremely good at it. I read an interview with her (only in slovenian language) in which she describes her path, which of course was no rose garden and she had to go through a lot of obstacles and disappointments, yet she always found some inner strength to go on. Amazing spirit, will and determination. She lives her life with her feet only. Not only she dances with them, but also eats, draws etc. Her hips apparently have no limits.
I must say the interview touched me deeply and seeing a clip of her dancing made my pregnancy hormones go even wilder. Simona is a true inspiration for she never asked or wanted pity, she just wanted to dance, move and be happy. And she has all that now. Way to go.

And here is a clip of her dancing. Wow! I love the fact how this handycaption is used in the dancing. It’s not hidden, it’s there for us to see and learn from it.



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