Form as an added value

March 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

I was writing a poem today. And I caught myself thinking about the words from end to beginning – thinking about the rhymed words first. I was making a poem by form. Because the form dictated the words that can be used. I immediately connected this to dancing. We have forms in dancing which we follow – we learn the steps, the counting, the posture, arm movements etc. But this is all just a rigid form, isn’t it?
When does the dancing become really good, you may call it professional (regardless of any monetary features)? When the dancer puts his own flavour to it. When he pust emotions, feelings, thoughts, problems and positive experiences in it.
It is easy to write a poem with no form, just words, that come right from the heart. It is a bit more difficult to write a poem within a chosen form. But it is true artistry to write a poem from the heart within the properly chosen form.
For being professional and accepted as an artist you need to achieve that level, no doubt about it. But to feel the therapeutical effects of art, it is enough to express your soul, wheather it is with dancing or poetry. Playing an instrument without a form can get a little bit annoying to the ear. So just wear some headphones and let it out.
This concepts beautifully falls in the concept of “I dance for me!”. So go, become an artis and feel better. 🙂 🙂


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