About what? Who? Oh me?! I have to talk about me? Damn…

Let me first explain the name Dulce Locura (not Dolce Locura!). It basically means sweet insanity. Something like that. Or sladka norost in Slovene language. It’s the name of my group of dancers, mostly girls (but sometimes we use men too), who were joined by their love to dance. We started working together in 2006, first only to promote reggaeton here in Slovenia. But with the growing number of participants we discovered there are so many things we want to dance, that we basically try and learn everything we can now. How many members does the group have? Hm,… increasing would be the right word 🙂

Besides getting to know my girls through this page, you will also be able to learn some stuff about salsa and dance in general. Not the technique or body moves, but more about salsa events we attend abroad, the ones we organize in Slovenia, about salsa parties here and other similar topics. I am a alltime fan of reality shows like So you think you can dance, which is why that show has it’s own category. Since I am also an aerobic instructor I will be dedicating some attention to this field as well. Healthy sporty fun living basically 😉

The page will be published in English language. In case there’s something you don’t understand… well, maybe it’s written in another language and you’re not suppose to understand it. 🙂
I’d love for you to leave a comment at any time. I promise I’ll try to read it asap and delete if it seems inappropriate 😉


– Profile: energetic latin-passioned group of dancers, who simply just love to dance. They are, however, perfect for events, party show program.

– Members: currently 5

– Fields of interest: reggaeton, hiphop, salsa, reggae, jazz, contemporary, latin, afro, etc. etc. etc.

– Experience: 3 years in performing, coordinating and hard training. Each participant has individual dance and performing arts experiences.

– Contact: irena.pfundner(@)gmail.com


– youthfull, dynamic, yearns for new experience and new knowledges

– degree in talkative science, in search for appropriate masters program

– aerobics instructor, salsaholic and workaholic

– most time spent in Bu-Ba sport and recreation center, hardly any at home – that has changed recently, since I became an expectant mother 🙂

Irena Pfundner Tkalec

Irena reggaeton class at 2nd Salsa Power festival

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