Buba Production 2009

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One year passes really quickly. Although in that period a lot of things usually happen, lots of new stuff we learn, many new people we meet and experience some really good and some really bad moments. Being dancoholics or simply just loving to learn new dances, we usually grow in that field as well. It may be just a hobby, but it’s a fun one. Nobody is unhappy while dancing, dance is like a medicine when we’re moody, like a radio when we’re happy and always in the reach of the hand. 🙂 So I am most happy to see so many people participate in the end-of-year production of Buba, sports and recreation centre from Ljubljana. We saw 15 different shows, everything from salsa, to swing, ballroom dances, oriental and some more professional shows.
It was a great pleasure to perform in that cast and I loooved to perform my favorite routine “Shadows” with Dulce Locura.
Here’s a movie of some of the performances:


Salsa Flower Power + first choreography act :)

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Well, once more… it was a great weekend! We spent it with two newcomers on our festivals: Fadi Hamdani (Fadi Dancefusion) and Vedran Marčeta. They both were great and taught us some new stuff (like bachango or cuban salsa with hiphop flavour, along with some crazy tricks and bodymoves). Bachango is a mixture of bachata and tango, so I finally got a chance to learn a few basic tango steps. (I always find an excuse of not having enough time for tango classes, so this time, luckily, they were just given to me 😉 ). I simply loooooove tango and seeing Vedran and Samra perform was a complete shocker. Finding out that the girl is dancing only 6 months took my shoes of!!! Seriously impressive and great show.
The other isntructor was Fadi, who I met on a couple of congresses already and liked his work instantly. He has a great talent for musicality, great bodymovement and great desire to dance and perform. Which is probably the reason, why he performed two shows 🙂 The new one is a bomb!! Unfortunatelly I didn’t catch it on a tape but all others are in the futuring clip!
I am mostly proud of Buba’s social dancers. This was the first routine, where I was asked to choreograph and it seemed quite challenging at the beginning. But I think it turned out very cool. Now we’re all preparing intensivly for the Salsa Power festival in October. To reassure everybody: Dulce Lcoura is not asleep – we will be performing there! Though it seems hard to do a good show with the majority of brilliant performances we see lately. 🙂 I’m happy dance is growing and so many people want to learn and do it! 🙂
Now lay back and enjoy the clip from last Saturday:

Salsa Flower Power this weekend

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They say it’s gonna be a hot weekend! First summerish weekend of the year. And speaking from the heart – one can feel that. The temperatures rose to almost 30°C in a couple of days, without any prior warning, so it takes time to adjust. And I guess this weekend will be even hotter than hot. Why? Cause there’s another festival on the way. A smaller version of Salsa Power festival – one day event with a few classes and top party called Salsa Flower Power.
Slovenia will, for the first time host Fadi Hamdan alias Fadi Fusion from Spain and Vedran Marčeta from BiH.
I met both guys last year and I know, they’re great instructors and dancers. I can’t wait to learn from them and see their show. For a little appetizer, check this show from Fadi,… I think his body isolations are phenomenal and musicality just wonderful. I really enjoy this type of shows, so people, please continue with this kind of work 🙂

And I’m more than happy to announce Buba’s social dancers will perform on the party as well. We had a little something to do with that. So go guys – enjoy on that stage 🙂

Location: Buba and Klub CD
Time: 1pm for workshops, 9pm for party
Dress code: Spring touch (or summer I guess) 🙂

I am a human dancer ;)

March 19, 2009 § 1 Comment

“Cut the cord
are we human or are we dancer
my sign is vital,
my hands are cold
and I´m on my knees
looking for the answer
are we human or are we dancer”

I found this lyrics (performed by The Killers) a bit troubelling, don’t you? I read somewhere that “the lyrics were inspired by a disparaging comment made by Hunter S. Thompson about how America was raising a generation of dancers”. Ok… meaning? It seems better to raise a nation of dancers and not terorrists or drug addicts, doesn’t it? Just when I think about my life before salsa and the type of parties society kinda forced me to attend and compare that to more sincere, casual and friendly version of a salsa party… well the latter wins. There’s nothing wrong with being a dancer, even if you are a guy. 😉 It’s a way of meeting new people, exercising and keeping your mind busy and off job or school issues.
Dancing has a lot of advanatages I never really realized or understood, but with each year I dance, I begin to understand the meaning of dance more, its interpretation of what musicians and singers do. Dancing is interpretaion of beats and rythms. And so is life. Your heartbeat tells you what you can and cannot do, it runs your life and stops when it has enough. Therefore, dancing is life as well, since it’s made on beats 🙂 It sure is my life! Which is why I can’t choose between human and a dancer. I’m both! 🙂

Kizomba seminar in Belgrade… hear it from first hand

February 25, 2009 § 1 Comment

I’m sure you remember that nice interview we had with Benjamim Nande a while ago. I guess he really is one of those people who love their work – he loves to dance, loves to teach, loves to live. All people who attended 2nd salsa and kizomba seminar in Belgrade noticed that. To tell you how it was and how people felt there, I’ve managed to get a nice statement from the organizer of the seminar, Jasna Kovačević. She’s a great person, who, like Benjamim, loves kizomba and wants to spread that love around the world. Along with her statement you can see a short clip with impressions from there. So just sit down, breath in and try to feel kizomba … 🙂

Jasna Kovačević, Belgrade:
“Today, two weeks after the seminar, I can sum it up for you. You asked how the workshop went… In one word: Fantastic! It actually turned out to be a quite big, international seminar, with a lot of people coming outside of Belgrade. It was like a mini congress.

In total we counted 80 people, only half of them came from Belgrade. The rest were from Nis, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and we even had two guests from Slovenia. So, kizomba is slowly reaching your country as well, which is a nice thing to know, isn’t it? 😉 To tell you the truth, when I started organizing this, I didn’t imagine so many people will come, especially not from far away. Not that Slovenia is so far, but there are costs and time connected with this kind of travel. But, I believe it was worth it. By what I heard later, impressions are all great.

I guess you’re wondering, what went on during those 3 days Benjamim spent in Belgrade? First, having in mind Benjamim’s fascination with salsa music, we organized one extra class on friday night, where Benjamim played a lot of interesting music and explained it’s roots. That is how this weekend started. That was followed by 6 hours of kizomba, 4 hours of salsa and we even had one extra class of bachata. To teach bachata I invited one local couple of teachers. People loved their class, and learned what is the difference between kizomba and bachata. Real different once you put them one next to another.

I don’t want to praise the seminar too much… of course there were some negative sides of it as well… The only problematic part was that there were so many different levels of dancers which made the job for Benjamim real hard in teaching salsa part. We had some salsa teachers there, and some people who started dancing salsa just recently, both cuban and LA style. But, in a way everyone got something new there and had fun. At least kizomba was almost new to everyone, except to the group of my students. 🙂

The most important thing, however, was that people really learned a lot about kizomba, a lot of steps, a lot of movements, got the basic right and at the end they could all dance with the music with a nice set of steps. And most of all they enjoyed it! I’m getting, still, all kinds of nice reviews and thank yous for organizing this and it really feels great. I see I will have to repeat this again, and next time I expect you to come as well 😉

With a bunch of video material we had after the weekend we made a short video with some interesting sequences that show how good this weekend really was. So, I’ll stop talking now and let you see the video..



Valentine’s Salsa and Disco Party

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14th of February.. ahhh… the red, the sweet, the mooshy… Paradise for gift stores… and great excuse to party 🙂 The “in-love Saturday” was celebrated in a completely new venue for salsa parties – Gospodarsko razstavišče. That is one huge place, where probably for the first time, noone could say it was too crowdy 😉 Buba gave us two floors, one with salsa rhytms and one in disco spirit. That is why some outsiders joined the party as well – which is a good thing of course!
As usual big salsa parties give us exciting show program and this one was no different. We saw 5 shows, which you can see in this short clip (shows are a bit cropped, since I had to squeeze them in 10 minutes only) 🙂

It was great seeing the disco-salsa performance on a salsa stage finally (great job guys – especially the newcomers to Buba Show Team); I’m happy to see kizomba slowly reaching Slovenia (though this was the first time I saw it done coupleless); Donia and girls from Croatia – hats down (boy were you synchronized); La Luna is getting better and better with each show they make and those sexy oriental dancers… uh,.. hot’n’spicy.. as always 🙂
And a big thank you to Tjaša for the clips. Great angle 🙂

Salsa Power edition will continue with party spirit in Spring, when Salsa Flower Party shall take place. But we’ll write about that some other time. 🙂

Now go put on a costume and go party!! We have to chase this winter away…

Benjamim Nande: “Music that cathes your ear and dance that cathes your soul”

January 13, 2009 § 10 Comments

Get in touch with kizomba and become “kizombeiro” says Benjamim Nande, Portugese kizomba dancer, teacher and choreographer, who has developed a very easy step-by-step method of learning basic steps and progressing quickly. You can easily check how this method works on a second Kizomba and Salsa LA festival in Belgrade, where Benjamim is returning next month. The event is on between 7th and 8th of February, and will present kizomba, salsa and bachata lessons. The best thing is, that this is a REALLY affordable seminar – full pass from only 20€ on. (ok a little publicity, but you don’t see such affordable thing every day, now do you) 🙂
I am very happy that Benjamim agreed to an interview and by that presented the magical kizomba to all of us, who have not tried this dance before.

1. Benjamim, I’m very happy you agreed to do this interview. Especially because where I live, kizomba is still far from being popular. We don’t do kizomba in Slovenia yet, so for starters, please explain the beauty of this style of dance!
Hello Irena! I am also very glad that you gave me this opportunity to bring a little bit of this world to Slovenia!
Kizomba is an African rhythm. It was born in Angola during the late 70s. Kizomba is in fact  the result of an evolution: young generations, listening to traditional rhythms, felt something was missing – a modern and sensual touch. Adding an electronic percussion with a slow and extremely sensual rhythm… kizomba was born. The description that suits kizomba the best in my opinion is the following: A music that catches your ear and a dance that catches your soul. 

2. When I watch kizomba it seems so smooth, reminds me a bit on foxtrot. Do you consider it as a very intimate dance (like some people classify bachata) or do you think it’s more social thing like salsa?
I believe that there is a misunderstanding in this concepts. An intimate dance can also be a social dance. Kizomba is a very intimate dance! But it is also a very social dance! That is the beauty of dancing – the intimacy starts with the music and ends with the music. You can dance kizomba with anybody in a intimate way – dancing is about enjoying the moment, the music and let it flow between you and your partner.

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